Would you rather have an average QB with a great team, or a great QB with an average team?

OL wise, that is exactly what I'm hoping for too; Wiz, Scherff, Barksdale, and a couple more draft picks. Just throw bodies in there and come out with a semi-decent line.

WR wise, I think there is a LOT to be excited about. I think they were very much clicking last year (2 different phases too: pre-Quick, post-Quick), just had to play with a back-up QB. I love the way Brian Quick was playing before the injury. I don't see why Britt can't get back close not entirely to his old self, he is only 26. I think Britt & Quick will be a great combo of outside receivers. We will have a wild-card speedster/playmaker in Tavon. The most exciting out of them all to me is Stedman. He was really coming into the second half and I think has the potential to be a top slot receiver in the league. Cook and Kendricks will be solid tight ends (btw, with the contract we gave Kendricks. I think we can expect him to be an integral part and push Cook out soon). Tre/Cunningham/Stacy will be an above average RB combo, with Tre/Cunningham helping in the passing game as well. And hey who knows, Chris Givens might get his rookie year spark back. I think outside the OL there is a good amount stuff to be excited about, especially an underrated WR corp.

Another note on Quick: I said this before and sticking to it. I really saw him as a Vincent Jackson type of progression. Come out of a small school, take a couple of years to really grasp the NFL WR position, and start exploding in year 3. Which was exactly what Quick was doing last year. If it wasn't for the injury, he was on pace for a 1200 yard 9 TD season (based off a sample size of 5 games though).

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