Would you stay with a man who goes to strip clubs? Leaving a backstory In the comments.

a little story time. My bf and I have been together for 6 years, we love each other deeply and have gone through a lot.Since we were 17 years old, to now, almost 24 years old. So we’ve pretty much grown up together, finished college together, have a child together. Recently he started a new job that pays him well, so now he has some extra cash. He has only been working there for 2.5 months and the guys who work there want to go to the strip club often. Well, one of co workers mention how he knows a stripper that my bf would like. He showed her photos and then eventually took him to the club to see her dance. He asked me when he first was introduced to her and said he would like for me to meet her because he liked how she looked. We have been open with each other for a year now, we have threesomes but we never agreed on anything public or when one of us is not around. So I said I don’t want him to go to a strip club, he then says that I am not being fair because he lets me be with other guys (he is there the whole time). I said that I’m not there with him, I’m at home alone with our baby, it is not fair to go. Anyways, a couple weeks pass and I find out he went to the strip club anyways, met that girl his co worker told him about, talked with her, talked about me and got a lap dance from her. I was livid, I could not believe he actually went. Not once, not twice, but 3 times, just watching her dance and, talking to her. It hurts my feelings, especially because he said he’s “stunned by her beauty” and I’m like wtf.. he proceeds to say that she does not compare to me, that I am so beautiful and he loves me so much. Yet he wants to go see and talk with her? Well, he wants me to go meet her. But says that I am too insecure and jealous and that I would just be weird if I did go with him to the strip club. Anyways, after telling me about how he was going, he asked for my permission, I had said no at first then later changed my mind because I wanted to start going to the gym, mind you he didn’t want me to go to the gym so I didn’t work out for a whole year. So, it comes down to the day he goes to the strip club, he was honest about going and where he went. The only thing was he told me he was going with a friend, find out later that that friend never went in the first place and he was alone, talking with that one girl he’s been talking about. He showed her a photo of me, told her how he wants me to meet her and get a dance from her and if she would hang out with us outside the club. I am obviously uncomfortable with him being there, so I told him he needs to leave, he was there 1.5 hours, which I fee is enough time. He spent over $200 on her over the 3 times he saw her, but he complains about giving me money, paying for my things, I don’t work because I take care of our baby and he is always wanting me to be breast feeding, so how can I work if I am constantly pumping milk for our baby to have. He tells me that I should get over being jealous and insecure and just have fun that we are in our 20’s and it will pass. I don’t know if it’s worth leaving him if he provides everything for me, we have a child together, we live together and I don’t work so I have no income of my own to support myself. He wants to go again to the strip club but I don’t want him to go… I asked if he would lie to me and go anyways if I didn’t want him going and he said yes, he would lie to me and go anyways, and that I wanted to know to the truth about him and who he is so I should either accept him or no. I dont feel connect anymore in that way now that he’s gone and seen other women dance naked, given them money like nothing and then treats me like shit because I don’t work so I can care for our child. If you read this far, thank you for reading. Just had to get this off my chest somewhere.

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