Would you still support the Democrats if they wanted to take a tougher approach to immigration?

It would sway me to be honest.

I am a “conservative” but am pro-choice, support LGBT rights, climate change etc. but one sticking issue for me is illegal immigration.

I don’t vote straight ticket conservative, especially locally, but if I felt the Democrats stance was a little stronger I would prob never vote conservative again.

It’s really the only thing holding me back from moving over entirely and I can’t imagine I am the only one who is conservative who feels the way I do.

The big issue for me isn’t the immigrants themselves being here, but the feeling that the democrats will bend over backwards for them but don’t seem to have the same kind of fortitude when it comes to things affecting citizens.

Example: The last two times the government has been shut down its been to protect/help or defend illegal immigration.

That’s fine, but why is that issue the ONLY issue they won’t stand for?

When’s the last time that kind of line in the sand was drawn for healthcare, wages, climate change — anything really? It makes me feel like those things aren’t as important to the party and that’s hard for me to get behind.

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