Would it be weird to have a YA fantasy series (triology + Netflix miniseries + MMORPG) with no hardcore erotica whatsoever?

Consider how realistic it is, though. That age is where hormones are flying all over the place, so some sex is nearly inevitable. If you're removing the sexual aspect purely for the sake of removing it, I wonder if that is actually doing the work a disservice. Unless your story is so fast-paced and consistently compelling that there is no lull time to ponder on erotica. But also consider that even Transformers that was essentially firecrackers on drugs could not curb the connection between the lead male and female.
I think it's one thing to limit the sexual aspect because it's not crucial. But it's another thing to want to do away with it entirely, just for the sake of doing away with it.
If you're not a strong erotica writer, that's fine. But hinting at the connection two people have is all it takes to get a reader's mind flying. You don't have to expand on it or fulfill the reader's wish with any payoff, though, since it isn't integral to the story.

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