Wouldn’t that b amazing?

In that case, you should be in favor of these laws. Since you’re so concerned- Guns make women less safe and feel less safe.

I’m glad you’re concerned with bipoc and violence against trans people. I assume you’re just as vehemently passionate about BLM and legal protection for trans people? Because I am. But I don’t believe for a second you give a fuck about them. You brought them up to cower behind because you don’t want to admit that you just want guns. So don’t bullshit me dude.

“According to the Department of Justice, more than half of women killed with guns in 2011 were killed by their intimate partners or family members. A recently published study from the University of Pennsylvania also found that out of more than 31,000 Philadelphia police reports, 82 percent of intimate partner violence incidents involved current or former dating partners. In short: boyfriends and girlfriends may be more likely to attack their partners than spouses.

Moreover, guns have the capacity to be harmful even when they’re not fired. According to a study that came out of Yale last year, women who were just threatened with a firearm were more likely to experience a worsening of PTSD symptoms.”


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