It would've been nice if BfA's faction war narrative actually focused on more characters than just Saurfang, Anduin and Sylvanas. While Saurfang got most of the attention after the War of Thorns, the victims of said event got next to nothing.

Anduin hasn't been solo curbstomping shit

You're right, that's Thrall's job.

Anduin hasn't been brought back to life "just becuz lol"

He is the only person in the lore with the power to bring dead people back to life. He does it twice in canon - to Varian and to Calia. With Calia, he raises her as a super sayan undead and his necromancy is somehow ok, unlike everyone else's.

Anduin hasn't been whining(...) for 5 expansions

Yes, he was!

Anduin isn't flying around like a fucking supersayian because plotarmor

Anduin's plot armor is greater than any other character's since the Old Man Anduin, Leader of the Galactic Forces of Light comic.

Anduin has had actual character development outside of "I'm scared of dying"

Name one difference between Anduin's character now vs his character in Pandaria.

But hey, guess he'd fare better if he was some hot goth chick wearing leather

No, better to be an 18 year old with no military experience, who was for some reason elected as the head of the Alliance military, despite a dozen more qualified racial leaders, who were actually where the military was at the time.

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