#WouldYouShootMeToo Hashtag Trends After Reports Canadian Mounted Police Asked Snipers to Target Indigenous Protesters. "How far is Canada willing to go to protect the billionaires who run the oil and gas industry?"

Again, that wasn't my point.

Take any indigenous Land claim.... It's based in the fact that they "traditionally" occupied that land. But if the Cree took it from the Ojibway, then what? How long did it have to be in Cree hands before it becomes their traditional land and not Ojibway? And how long does it have to be in Crown hands before it becomes traditional Crown land?

The argument that Canada has no claim to the land no matter how long we've been settled here naturally implies that no one can claim ownership of land unless they can prove they never took it from anyone else.

Yes, the indigenous peoples is Canada deserve better. Yes, they have lots of reasons to not trust the government or people of Canada. Yes, the British Crown and subsequently the Canadian Crown have engaged in genocide of native peoples even in recent history. And yes, we have a constitutional duty to resolve land claims.

That doesn't change the fact that this whole "Europeans are evil because they took land" argument ignores the fact that no country, group or tribe had an unbroken line of occupation to the land they claim. Not Europeans in Europe, not the Slavic people in the Slavic states, and but the indigenous peoples of Canada. We all stole land. There are no innocent victims here. Which again, isn't me saying Canada and Canadians have no duty or responsibility to do the right thing... Just don't try and pretend only the Empires of Europe engaged in colonization or conquest.

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