WoW Class Design AMA - June 2017

I'm extremely late, but as there was almost nothing about PvP (common for this sub), I want to still submit some questions, I just hope someone's still around to answer them:

  1. How do you feel about the community backlash against PvP in general right now? There is no way to escape the fact that we are currently in our lowest PvP participation numbers ever; from titles, players have estimated that there are less than 80,000 players actively competing in NA on both factions. That's in comparison to over 1 million during Wrath...any explanation for this? Is Blizzard worried about this?

  2. Why do PvPer's get almost no character customization? When we PvP out legendaries, our gems, our gear (stats), and trinkets all become useless. We are put on a template that takes every single bit of customization away from us that PvE'ers enjoy. It seems to many that this is a bit...lazy? If the PvE gear and legendaries and trinkets weren't going to be balanced for PvP then why not give us our own legendaries, gear, and trinkets earnable through PvP only, that would be balanced, instead of just putting us on an extremely boring template?...I mean, I honestly don't even look at stats on my gear or gem anything, or look at my legendary's effect when I get it, because it means nothing...only Ilvl effects my template stats, everything else is useless.

  3. I really want to now how some of the more absurd unbalanced things even make it into the meta...the best example I can give was BM Hunters with Separation did it even make it into development to give a class a reward for not engaging in combat? BM Hunters were doing the most damage of any class, without even needing to be in LOS, while their pets, which are NPC's, killed you; as that talent made it so they actually did more damage by not engaging you and just letting the pets fight you alone. I can't even see how that is possible to put into the part of the game designed for a player to show skill against another player; by having them win through NPC's...and it's not as if it was a talent meant for PvE that just didn't mesh well, that was a PvP talent meant for PvP, clearly.

  4. The random chance at gear through arena wins system is extremely unfair. Last season I spent 4 weeks over 2k and literally got only 4 Elite items, all of which were rings, 2 of which were copies of the same rings and therefor unwearable, and both my legendaries are rings; so it didn't matter. Then in order to turn them into another piece, I would need to melt down over 8 elite pieces for 1 of my choosing...which would take 8 weeks for 1 piece of gear, essentially. I was unlucky there, sure, but still, a system where this is possible is very unfair. Again, I spent 4 weeks over 2.2k, and my character is currently not wearing 1 single Season 3 Elite piece, every random piece I earned through wins (and not the 10 weekly) was non-elite as well, which I don't understand, as again, I was over the threshold...why can't we just have points back so we can actually choose what piece we want every week? I really don't understand how in any way this system is better.

  5. Why does no one address the concerns on the WoW PvP Arena Forums? 95% of the posts there are unhappy/negative during Legion, and literally there are never blue posts addressing them. You have one entire community that is dwindling, and no one seems to care.

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