[WP] It is 2100. All humans have an artificially enhanced immune system, and were deemed immune to all sickness. In 2101, the entire human race is extinct. You were the last to die.

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In 2098 we all thought Project AIS was a good idea. Having an enhanced immune system meant no one we loved had to leave unexpectedly. It meant that my mother who suffered from Crohn's disease didn’t have to worry about paying the utterly expensive hospital bills, or my Grandpa who was diagnosed with cancer didn’t have to live his life as if it were his last.

And when 2100 rolled around, every human on Earth was part of the project, and for a while we were happy and full of hope; I being especially hopeful.

The idea of being immune to all sicknesses was fantastic, unrealistic even, but we soon came to realize it meant something much more brutal. It meant that the world was growing overpopulated; the elderly were not dying and the infant mortality rate was zero. The population pyramid was no longer its triangle shape, but a box that was ever expanding. The government, as always, had a solution. They claimed they were taking the elderly and the homeless somewhere far away as to not impose on the growing youth. We all knew what they were really doing, but most of us turned a blind eye. There were rebellions of course as with any event in history, but those who participated were soon after never seen of again.

Even though most of the elderly and homeless were gone now, somewhere ‘far away’, the population was still out of control. There was too much demand and not enough supply.

Once more the universal opinion was to limit the number of children a family could have, something China did way before my time.

A family was allowed to have one child, whether or not it was a female or male, and regardless if they had more than one child before the ban. It forced the parents to pick favorites and suicides rates were the all-time high. It left soldiers who had first arrived, with nightmares of families upon families soaked in the blood of their own.

But for the families that did have favorites and were too selfish to die with their own, they gave up their children willingly. The Government told the children they were going to a new reform school where they would learn to become the world’s next leaders and inventors. Again, a lie, but no one cared at this point. It was a dog eat dog world and to survive you had to make sacrifices because one day you’re here and the next you’re not.

The streets were desolate by the time November rolled around. No one dared to come out of the “safety” of their houses. Not because they feared the government, but because they feared they would meet someone they knew. Murder was not uncommon and not punishable by death; hell nothing was punishable anymore because any form of government was disbanded. It was as the quote said, “The people shouldn't fear their government; the government should fear their people.”

There was an uprising in September in which every living person stood up to the officials and flipped them off with their guns. The president of the United States was shot down, the United Kingdom’s Queen was murdered, the ruler of North Korea fled, and China’s leader started a civil war.

The death and corruption of the government sparked a blood lust within one tenth of the population. People were angry, mad, and didn’t know how to cope with so much death around them, so they finally snapped. That was the reason why I kept a gun on my person at all times. Never to hurt anyone without reason, but if they attacked I couldn’t say I wasn’t a good shot.

Murder was not uncommon and seeing the innocent faces of friends on the street was normal. It was sickening how we became desensitized to these things that a year ago we would have needed extensive therapy for.

The only form of news we had was NPR and it was only because the man who ran the radio station locked himself in a tower with food he raided from a nearby Costco. He didn’t last for more than a few weeks. I knew that because the radio, to which I listened almost religiously to, stopped midway through his announcements.

His voice was calm, but isn’t it always before a storm? “It’s December 24th and I haven’t seen any humans in almost three weeks. Either you’re all hiding or dead. The other countries have stopped all forms of communication, probably not by choice but simply because they have nothing to report on. I want you to know, if there is anyone out there that you may be the last of us. I wish you a merry Christmas ev-.” The sound of someone choking resonated though the static radio as well as the sound of a chair falling on its side.

It was at that moment that I knew I was truly alone in the world. My family committed suicide while I was away preparing out last meal. I believe they wanted to wait for me but the police force arrived sooner than they expected and it was a now or never decision.

Do I hate them for it? I could never hate my family for something like that. Sure they left me behind, but it was my choice not to follow after them.

I spent the next week just wandering and trying to find any evidence that I, alone, wasn’t the only person alive on such a great big planet. My efforts were fruitless though, and on December 31st,2101 I made my choice.

I leave this note for anyone or anything that happens to find it and wants to know what happened to a place I once called my home. I’m not going to kill myself, if that’s what you’re wondering what happened to me. I’m going to let age do its thing, or have some accident send me on my way, making me the last person to die on Earth. Probably.

I refuse to kill myself because I’m way too hopeful to do something like that.

Signed, The Loneliest Person on Earth.

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