[WP] After waking up in your home at 3:54am to a warning, you do what it specifically tells you not too.

Screams ensue. A lot of people were probably woken by the alarm and either saw the neon green or could see its glow from where they hid. The world looked ridiculously artificial basked in this ridiculous color.

I was scared.

I'm not a superstitious person. But this was not something that made sense. Nothing should turn the entire sky that color...

My thoughts are cut off by the bony hand that rose from the ground. I remembered that I lived in what used to be considered Native American territory. I could be living on an Indian burial ground and now they're coming back for revenge. The hand pulls up the beginnings of a head. The eyes are red, and staring directly at me... Next to it, another hand pops up, and another...

Suddenly, from above, I hear a man scream, "CAUSE THIS IS THRILLER, THRILLER NIGHT." I strain my head to look up as far as possible. The neon green radiance is coming from none other than the incandescent neon green suit of Michael Jackson, returned from the heavens at last. The screams become cheers. Michael Jackson pulses rainbow waves of light, turning the zombies, who had just finished pulling themselves up, into the most attractive men and women I had ever seen.

"AND NO ONE'S GONNA SAVE YOU FROM THE BEAST ABOUT TO STRIKE," Michael Jackson sang as he descended from the heavens and joined the former zombies as they lined up in the right formation. I didn't heed his words; I didn't want to be saved.

I ran outside and enjoyed the greatest concert Michael Jackson had ever put on, even compared to his golden days, along with everyone else in the neighborhood. Afterwards, he raptured us away to Rock n' Roll heaven. As I ascended, I looked down to see G-men pour out of black military vehicles and begin knocking down doors. In my heart of hearts, I thanked them for their alarms, for now I could rock out with Michael Jackson for eternity.

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