[WP] Aliens are actually the descendants of modern man, traveling back in time to study their own evolution. Write something using this idea as a starting point.

Yeshua was only the age of seventeen when his eyes looked upward to see the phenomenon that would only soon become a basic principal to understanding his significance. A ritual that would span his life for another five years. As Yeshua looked up a small drifting light descended down and grew into unexplainable or incomprehensible moment for Yeshua. Though he could accurately describe in full detail the very moment from looking up to the very moment of contact. Whomever it was that piloted such a structure ,Yeshua thought, must be divine in nature. And as Yeshua inched closer, stumbling on his own feet while maneuvering through the muddy ground, pushing through brush while keeping his eyes fixed on the structure. His mind began to race and his thoughts would be distorted. His heart racing and the hair on his forearms would stand; not from the fear of this moment, but simply because of the electromagnetic field this structure was producing. Somehow, as the seconds past and as Yeshua drew nearer to the structure he begot a basic understanding of this principal...

The structure itself could fill up a lifetime of description and functioning. And another lifetime of its inhabitants...which Yeshua would be the fortunate son of man of having a personal relationship and extraordinary lesson from these inhabitants.

Yeshua stopped. The structure's single light grew narrow and shot at him like a modern day helicopter's search light. The light was warm and blue. It not only lit up Yeshua's tranced look but was also reading his identity, his origin, his name , his genetics..all this from a single beam of light. Yet, Yeshua still felt no fear...in fact, calm grew and grew. It is as though a friend or friends have come for Yeshua , to greet him after a very long silence between each other.

" I am Yeshua" he said calmly. Yeshua blinked and was then inside, the structure. He stood before two inhabitants who looked very much like him. They smiled and welcomed Yeshua into their life. They never spoke with their mouth, Yeshua realized quickly, as they had multiple conversations. Their very conversations took place within Yeshua's consciousness and Yeshua became very close to his own consciousness. His understanding of it grew minute by minute as their dialogue continued.

One, is the name of one of the inhabitants who grew very close to Yeshua. One , is the single most impacting soul yeshua would face in his life up to that moment. One, would bring Yeshua to a realization that would forever change the course of his life and every life thereafter...

"You are the single most impacting human being on Earth Yeshua', One said. "Your course of actions will bring humanity to its precipice of near destruction. Which will give light onto their own consciousness and divinity. We will then evolve but it will be so very long until." One continued.

Yeshua thought deeply, this realization troubled him and almost pushed him to end their contact and conversations. but Yeshua decided to accept it. " I am no more than what mankind can be. It cannot be upon my shoulders that mankind fails itself. I understand what man is, and it is why I must say what I say. to help them converge back to the place of consciousnesses they deserve. That divinity is equal. is it not?'' Yeshua asked One. "We are the lifeline of you Yeshua. But our knowledge comes from many many years of evolving. The light of consciousness has always come from you. Where you receive it remains the mystery...Yeshua, we seek the origin. Is it God? For we know that God is all of everything and nothing at once. Yet, we are created to become divine. Is this our purpose? To recreate the creator? This is our journey, our purpose now...what the cosmic landscape has taught us is that we are the very fraction of the creator themselves. yet, yeshua, he or she has singled you out..."

Yeshua could not answer this. As the three of them had come to a stop in the middle of darkness, the middle of nothing. Yeshua takes notice.

"where is everything?" ..yeshua steps closer to the view of blackness. "this, Yeshua is the beginning of time. We come here to take notes and continuously learn from this moment. Though it happens so fast and so abruptly, we surrender to its wonder...watch...".

Yeshua and the others watch out the panoramic glass like window of the structure as a pulse of tiny light flickers within the darkness. The pulse grows in intensity and then stops. Yeshua is about to speak when the tiny flicker of light ignites into an incomprehensible explosion of light and power. Power so intense that it pushes the physical body of Yeshua into itself and back out again. Yeshua's thoughts are poured out into the invisible magnetic pulse and become an echo of noise and waves of density and dancing light...

"This isn't the only beginning. there are more aren't there?" Yeshua asked in a childlike wonder.

One nods at Yeshua, "Many more, would you like to see those as well?"

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