[WP] The aliens intend to enslave humanity. 10 hours a week, with free food, housing, and medical care, on a paradise planet. But they've heard about humans. They're expecting a fight.

Nice. That's pretty well bang on what I was going for. I personally lean to the socialist side, but often chat over the issues with my pro-capitalist friends and family, and generally am confronted with a number of good points for which I don't have solid rebuttals. This character was a mix of those good points and the more inflammatory rhetoric and "trump card" style argumentation I've encountered with less rationally-driven proponents of capitalism.

The representative government question is interesting. When talking about a superintelligent and ultra-advanced alien species, I'm inclined to think that they would be much better able to govern us than we could govern ourselves, so long as they were actually benevolent. These guys seem nice, given that they're handing humans a bountiful planet and free stuff, but who knows.

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