[WP] All of humanity is wiped out except for a man and a woman. There's one problem: one's gay, and the other is a homophobe.

She sensed he was a homophobe from the moment they met.

As he walked through the rubble towards her, he recited bible quotes. Not a dead giveaway - but a warning.

From there, he used all kinds of other words in every day language. “Fag”. “Fruity.” On and on.

She knew she had 2 choices. Wipe out humanity or play nice with the bigot. Oh, but she detested him!

For a few weeks, she went back and forth in her mind. She didn’t tell him she was gay. She wanted to weigh out her options without him deciding for her.

The case FOR sleeping with him: She’d be able to continue humanity, obviously.

The case AGAINST: Would she really want the earth to start anew with a child who had a jerk for a father?

(She obviously wasn’t attracted to him. But she could think about someone else if they slept together. She’d used toys before.)

After carefully deliberating back and forth for countless hours, she realized what she had to do.

She was going to seduce him.

She thought it’d be easy - here she was, a beautiful woman, and the guy hadn’t had sex for over a month.

Turned out, he was hesitant. She understood - it’s a lot of responsibility to know that your sperm may potentially create a new world. But on the other hand, on a human level, she hated the guy. It was extremely hard to try to be into him when she didn’t even want to be around him.

Finally, days later, they slept together.

Once they slept together once, it was easier to keep going. They ended up sleeping with each other a solid ten or so times before she got pregnant.

During the pregnancy, she had to admit - he took impeccable care of her. He attended to her every need. She was still disgusted by him and worried the baby would turn out like him, but it could have been a lot worse.

On the day he delivered the baby, she felt so free. She knew she could finally tell him the truth. She didn’t have to hide who she was any longer.

“There’s something I need to tell you - something I’ve been hiding from you”, she began.

Before she could go on, he stopped her.

“I know”, he said. “I knew from the moment I met you. But I wasn’t going to let your stupid lifestyle choices ruin the world.”

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