[WP] An archer, you die in the midst of the war. You wake up fifty thousand years later, without any flesh. The sun seems to hurt you too. Bow in hand, you feel an urge to kill humans. You are a skeleton in Minecraft.

 As I pull my string back once more, I see an arrow fly toward me. I suddenly feel a sharp pain in my chest. My bow drops to the battle ground and I soon follow. My eyes fall shut as I am hit with a wave of pain.

 I wake up on the ground in a dark room. The floor seems smooth, but I don't. I jolt up to realize that I am not just skin and bones, I'm just bones. I'm just a skeleton, but I had something in my right hand. It was my bow! I had died on the battle field, now I was just a skeleton in a dark room with the sudden urge to kill humans. 

 I hear footsteps come toward me when I see a torch being placed on what looked like a stone block. I drew up my bow and started shooting at this new being. They looked block like. I kept gaining more arrows as one left my bow, it seemed as if I didn't have to reload myself. The block like figure pulled out a blue sword from no where and, within the blue figure hitting my three times with the sword, I died.
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