[WP] You appear in an infinite white void of a room with nothing more than yourself, and a white piece of paper which reads, “You have been banned from existence.”

"A-are you ... are you crying?"



"Feeeels like you are crying."

I am not. It is the onions.

"...There are no onions here."


A bowl of onions clattered to the ground.

It is the onions!

"You know it's ok to cry? I mean, if somethin is bugging ya, we can talk about it if you want. Since we're gonna be together for a while."

I walked in silence for a bit. The void tinted bluer and bluer and the ripples of air became more frequent.

"Ya know, it's not good to bottle things up. Come on, just tell me what's wrong already."


I don't know who I am anymore! If I create existence how can nonexistence be!?

"Guess you can say non-existence ... doesn't exist? ba dum tss." :b


"I'm sorry." We did not talk for a bit, during that time I pondered. "Say, that bowl of onions from earlier, did that by chance come from existence?"


"So you can bring things from there ... here?" (മ ̥̆ മ)


"Can the other guy do that as well?"

No. He only controls existence. He can not summon that which exists outside of existence. One it is here, it is here.

"So to clarify ... you can bring things that exist here and he cannot bring them back?

Yes. This is my domain. I control all enters. Why do you ask?

"... What if I told you there was a way for you to create true non-existence?"

... I'm listening

"Well think about this. If you bring everything that exists here ..."

The void returned to its whiteness in full.

... then nothing would exist over there ...

"And therefore?"

True nonexistence ...

The god that sat on the thrown viewed mortals as pitiful creatures, though it did acknowledge that they served it delectable offerings and so it allowed them to exist. From the pedestal it levitated a donut into its hand. Closing its eyes it took a bite of the savory snack ...


... except there was no delicious taste. There was no taste at all as the donut had completely vanished. Quick to anger, the god looked to the human that had placed the donut as an offering and accused them of trickery. It ignored the human's grovelling and stood in preparation to kill them, however before his magic could reach the mortal


the mortal disappeared. The god expressed bewilderment and stumbled back down onto their thrown. However the god immediately fell to the ground as their throne disappeared and soon after various objects spontaneously followed suit.


In under 5 minutes, the god was left floating in a void. A true void. No color, ground, no time, no space, no anything, he could clearly see the end of the universe just as clearly as he saw his own 2 hands infront of him.

It has been 2 hours

"Just give it some time, they'll come."

Right on cue, the deity appeared in the new realm where now everything existed. They were livid. Though try as they might, here they had no power as this was not their domain. They hadn't even the power to return to their domain.

Nonexistence must remain true. The void? Pure.

The deity cursed and threw a temper tantrum until they eventually tuckered out and made themselves a throne out of sticks. Without their powers they were just an immortal guy with an ego. Since the void had summoned everything here in it's corresponding place, I simply went home no longer having to worry about an angry glowing man demanding I share my food with them.


It's too noisy now, I'm leaving. Going to non-existence.

"Won't that defeat the purpose?"

No. I have no power there. I'll fade into the nothing.

"Sounds like a dream come true ... for you.


"... well um, have fun?"

Doesn't exist there. Goodbye.

That was the last note I ever received. I shrugged and continued on.

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