[WP] You are an ancient and unstoppable being, destined to destroy the world when you awaken from your slumber, except you overslept. Now you're rushing to bring about the end times as quickly and as half-assedly as possible before your supervisor notices

The etching sound that lightly danced across the bedroom window was enough to wake the comatose being, they awoke jaded and exhausted. Their dream ended abruptly, as they were shaken back into reality. Their lids apart as they blinked rubbing there bleary eyes in an attempt to rid themselves of sleep. Their muscles felt weak, just like their energy. Letting an exasperated yawn escape, they rolled off bed. They drowsily walked to their wall calendar brushing their unkempt hair with their fingers.

“Shit.” They muttered followed by a slur of obscenities. It was finally endgame, they pondered why they were tired momentarily before taking out their planner and musing to themselves how they would start with the apocalypse. They had already set back the time line by waking late but there was always plan B.

They pondered whether they should hurriedly try to make up for the time lost and skip breakfast but paused, deciding this day was going to be long and they might as well have a coffee at least. Pouring a brew from the coffee maker into a mug, they wrapped their hands around the mug heating their cold digits. The had heat from the mug was enough to bring them out of their winter slumber. Their tense shoulders reclined as they found solace in the moment of peace.

They looked out the transparent apartment window the spreading sunrise, pinkish glow, clouds tinted, colours spread across the sky announcing the new day, oranges and reds painted across the clouds as if by a celestial hand. The skyscrapers towered above as great monoliths of concrete and glass like a jungle of steel the skyscrapers grew right out of the concrete metropolis similar to Earth, they thought funnily enough, it wouldn’t be long till an organisation of higher beings destroyed this planet too, give or take one billion years.

They hurriedly tossed on their clothes and left for the office. Humanity believed the Antichrist or Dajjal or Armilus or any other entity would bring forth the day of reckoning but those entities were merely pawns in the grand scheme.

They quickly contacted their receptionist letting them know they’d clock in late for work.

Upon arriving they quickly ducked out of sight from any superiors and sat down at their desk. Upon this day, they had been tasked with informing the Antichrist and Dajjal individually to start their plans one after the other but since time was already lost, they’d have to work together which wasn’t the best of ideas since their harboured dislike to one another made them inefficient but it’ll work.

They were about to call the Antichrist and inform him first but Supervisor-n47 smacked a pile of papers on to the desk.

“Where have you been? Do you know how behind schedule we are? Do you not realise one set back will affect everything, do I have to explain the butterfly affect to you, this isn’t first grade, you should know better.” The supervisor lectured angrily.

“Sorry, I was late.” They replied curtly before taking the papers. “But I have plan.”

“Well whatever your plan is, it better work and set us back in schedule.” The Supervisor commented and left.

A sigh of relief was exhaled as they began to filter through the paper and make calls, fortunately their Supervisors has enough faith in them.

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