[WP] You are an immortal serial killer. You were caught and sentenced to life in prison. The prison is starting to get suspicious of why you won't age.

Looking at the bright side, I'm only in for the one murder. No one knows about the other ones. No one that's still alive, anyway. If they did, they might have given me the chair. Or needle. Whatever they use around here. Or put me in a lab. Or burnt me at the stake. I only got out of the last time they tried that by luck. Not too keen on going through that again.

And to be fully honest, I can appreciate the irony of being in jail for my own murder.

On the down side, I'm getting on in years, now. Don't remember the last time I got this old. Found a grey hair this morning and everything. And this time I'm in a prison, which severely limits my selection of new hosts.

I've got my eyes on one of the new arrivals, though. In here for getting a little to vindictive on a mugger. Nothing too violent, will be out of here in less than a year on good behaviour. Nice guy, friendly sort. Large temper, though. One to fit a large guy. A good deal of natural strength is always a plus. And he's got a face that I think would suit me.

He's latino, too. I've never been latino.

If I'm unlucky, shanking me in the hallway won't add more than a decade to his sentence. If I'm lucky, I'll be out of here by spring.

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