[WP] You are a detective in 1890 Austria. The man inside the interrogation room claims to have an incredible secret that will exonerate him from his murder charge. You can't imagine what monster would murder a 1 year old child, let alone one as adorable as young Adolf Hitler was.

His joyous face etched into the detective mind for all his life, it was if the man after his long journey of hardships, had finally accomplished his goal, his calling, and with that he gladly accepted his fate. Death by hanging, the detective would not watch though, he was a broken man now, never has he seen so much cruelty, so much senseless violence. Until the war came. The Black Hand, a Serbian extremist group funded by Russia, had murderd the Archduke of Austria and his wife. Like dominos every european country went into the war for their piece of the prize. The detective was now retired from work and to old for use in the military, he could only watch as the horrors of war unfold before him. The British had set up a blockade to the German preventing food from entering. He watched, unable to do anything for the skeleton women and children that walked haplessly throughout the streets, because the detective himself did not have the energy not move. He could only watch after travesity after travesity unfold before him. He could only watch as 750,000 thousand of his brother and sisters rot in front of him. The Americans were finally lured by the siren song of the British, and with that the Germany finally had to surrender. Germany was labled the sole aggressor of the war, was blamed for all that was wrong, even the Americans who new that the British was starving Germany into submission. German lands was carved up and shared with the victors and germany was forced to pay for the total cost of the war in reparations. It took no genius to know that this would cause a rebellion. And so it came, a hero had come to take its land back from Poland and Czechoslavakia. The hero tried to barter peace with the British and the Americans but his words fell upon deaf ears. The war came once again, the retired detective sat staring outside his window in a small aparent in Dresden. All around him was rubble from the night before. The British and Americans in an attempt to demoralize Germany started to bomb populated cities. That night, the detective knew it would be his turn. He sighed a sigh of relief, it would be over soon finally he would be able to leave all these thoughts that haunted him, as the thunder approached him

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