[WP] You are a long forgotten god. Alone in your realm as your existence slowly lose meaning, you try to remember your name.

I watch her bathe in the lake. I don't know who she is and she doesn't know that I am here. I cannot take my eyes off of her. Water spills over heavy breasts and wide hips. She is not particularly attractive to me, but she is a woman and the stirring in my loins tells me that it's been so long...

I creep forward gently to get closer for my ambush, but on one of my steps I break a twig. Like a gazelle that takes off without looking, she dove underneath the water, arising closer to the opposite shore. I dash after her, running around the lake, hoping to make it there before she does.

I am not used to running. By the time I reach the other side, I'm winded and she already has a head start. The sight of her jiggling bosom and buttocks rejuvenates me and I give chase. But either she knew the woods well, or she must have had incredible stamina from being chased so often, because soon she outdistances me and then disappears altogether.

I continue to run, not to find her, but too tire myself out of my aroused state. I keep on running until I am too tired to lift my foot high enough to clear a slightly upraised tree root. I trip over it and gasp into the ground.

I hear a female chuckle to my side and I look up to see a different woman, more beautiful in body and face than not only the girl I had seen bathing, but most of the woman I had seen in the village.

"Look at you," she says, sneering down at me. "Pathetic."

"Who are you?" I pant.

"I did not believe it at first," she mocks. "That a great god could be reduced to such a pitiful existence. But now that I see it, is even worse than I thought. Aha!" She laughs. "All the women you ruined and now you can't even catch a mortal to satisfy yourself with."

I ignore her taunt and focus on what she had said earlier. "A god?" I question, confused. "What are you talking about?"

She walks over, then kneels down beside me and stares into my face with narrowed eyes, before remarking in wonder, "Oh, my! You really don't know...Aha!" She laughs, throwing her head back, then throwing it forward to fix me with that look again. "Don't worry, my sweet. I have plans for you. Come." She holds out her hand. I glare at her with suspicion, but I realize I have no choice.

I take her hand and she lifts me easily to my feet.

She looks me up and down, then smirks. "Follow me and I will make you great again. Are you willing?"

I nod. Sure, why not. Anything was better than living like I had been in the woods like a wild animal.

"Good." She walks around behind the tree out of sight and before I can debate too long about whether I should continue to stand here or follow her, she returns with a body in her arms. The woman I had been chasing from the lake. She looks like she is asleep, or...

"Just unconscious," says the woman, as if reading my thoughts. "Go ahead and enjoy." She lays the unconscious woman at my feet. "We will leave when you're ready." She leans back against a tree, watching me. "Don't hesitate," she calls out. "Remember who you are - a god. And everything is yours."

I look down at the naked, unconscious woman uncertainly. It's been so long...


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