[WP] You are a manipulative psychopath, but instead of serial killer, you are a serial helper. using your emotionless genius to make other people smile.

Where did I go wrong?

I reminisced about the first time I tried it. Helping someone become a stronger, glorious and hopeful self. It was the day my stepmother had a severe 'accident' on her way back from work. I recall my father sobbing deeply, he glared at me as he heard the news, his eyes seemed like glass as tears fell down his cheeks. I felt ecstatic. He was in the ground, completely wrecked. It was truly a sight to behold! The joys of watching someone on their deepest moment of grief! It was this grief that would help him recover and make him an even better person than before! After two weeks had gone flying by I had taken the necessary steps to make him meet a woman that would give him his life back. Due to 'unforeseen' circumstances, she lost her job and just by chance was offered a job at my father's office. The months went by and they had fallen in love. I recall seeing my father's face again, this time his eyes shone as bright as the sun's light. He had never ever felt so happy, she was a nice fit for him. All that light banished from his eyes the day she died. Again to an accident on the same road, very similar circumstances. I saw him in a twisted whirl of emotions, spiraling out of control. The sonata of himself weeping was something I will never forget, a marvelous and splendid moment of grief. Her death was just a stepping stone for him to ascend to greater heights. Someone as lowly as me had been blessed with being present at such a sight. I cherished this moment but what I truly anticipated was his moment of shining once more. How bright could the light on his eyes get?! As a week passed by I had made arrangements for him to meet his new wife. Until I found him laying on his bed, with eyes that I'll never forget.

Ahh.. Where did I go wrong?

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