[WP] You are one of the devil's minions. Your job is to steal as much pens and pencils as you can from the mortal world without being caught.

“It doesn't seem like much does it? In the grand scheme of the whole heaven and hell race to the biggest pile of souls at the end of time it barely even rates as a task, but if you think about it, I'm a

thief of Inspiration. My job is not only to get people to curse, which they do with great zeal when I do my job right, but also to make them loose those moments of divine inspiration by not being able to get them out of their head and onto paper. It's so simple, my job, and so inconsequential to those around me that I get ignored and passed over for promotion. I wouldn't trade it though, not for getting to possess a body and dance on the altar at mass, because I have a greater 'head count' than some of the more notorious of my kind. You can call me demon if you like, I prefer to call myself Feihtnep.”
“So here we are, you and me, having a conversation that shouldn't happen. You aren't meant to know I'm here, not see me, nor hear me, not even a whisper of an idea that you didn't misplace that pen. In a few thousand years at my self appointed task, the closest I've ever gotten to being caught was when someone hears the pen roll away out of sight. Look, it doesn't have to be difficult you know. I've never had anyone to tell my stories to or really even to pay attention to me, so you can put me down. I think I'd like to talk, maybe even let you have your pen back if you promise to keep notes and write a fun story about me. Hey, I'm no angel, having an ego is practically in the fine print of the job description we demons have. Not once has anyone ever banished 'the evil and terrible Feihtnep' nor has anyone really spoken my name outside of cruel jokes in hell. No, I don't expect to make friends where I work, or what I do, but there is a subtlety to what I do that the other flesh gobbling idiots around me just can't see. I think it would be a change of pace to come to an accord with you and have someone finally hear my story. I have a strong feeling you'll want to write this down, perhaps even take a sketch of my magnificent features eh? Oh, one more thing if you don't mind, please leave out how tall I’m not.” “Now where to begin.. would you like to hear about the time an entire book was lost from the bible because I stole the scrivener's pen at the first council of Nicaea? I had a feeling that would get your attention. So there I was, hiding under the over stuffed robes of Eusebius of Nicomedia...”

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