[WP] You are one of the evil villains on Scooby Doo. Describe how you become the first villain they dont catch.

(Alternate ending to previous prompt)


I don't understand why no one ever thought to use a gun. It's just so easy and perfect.

Velma collapsed on the ground. 1 down.

I looked through the scope one more time before packing up my rifle only to see Velma stand back up. I can't help but put on a horror-eating, half-cocked frown. What the fuck happened? Fred heard the shot and attempted to call the cops but the closest cell phone tower is 122 miles away: well outside of service range. The radio jammer is blasting on all frequencies... It's just us now. My next plan will not fail.

I put on my concierge uniform and make my way 3 miles down the road. Easier for them to come to the hotel than to drive back through the dense marsh, especially at this time of night.

8:44 PM. They arrive.

"Thank god, it's the Mystery Incorperated!" I proclaim, in my most pedestrian voice (its shaky, but all-together convincing). "There is a ghost pirate haunting the basement!"

"We need to contact the police. We heard a shot and a dead bird landed right in front of us. If that bird didn't fly at that exact time, Velma would have been dead! My cellphone and radio are getting too much interferrence." proclaimed Fred in an assertive, and take-charge manner.

"Oh my. Please come in. Our land line is down at the momemt, but I'll send someone to retrieve the authorities. They should arrive by the noon tomorrow. In the mean time, I've prepared your rooms. Considering the circumstances, we would like to offer you a complementary dinner. Also, I'm afraid there are no dogs allowed in the hotel."

"No way. Scoob's definitely staying with me tonight." Shaggy Interjected.

"The rules are the rules. You're welcome to sleep in your Van, if you'd like. I'll have someone bring the dinner out to you"

Shaggy return to the Van to sleep with his Dog while Velma, Daphne, and Fred opted to stay in the hotel.

I watched Velma, Fred, and Daphne in their seperate rooms though hidden security cameras. I made sure to spike their dinners with a high enough dose of dextramethorphan to make sure that they'd be sleeping like rocks.

I went into Daphne's room first and found the Scooby Snacks that she uses to bribe the dog into acts of bravery. I dosed each seperate cookies with a drop of rat poison... not enough to change the taste of the individual cookie, but if enough cookies were eaten, the dose of rat poison would accumulate in his body and hopefully kill him outright.

The next day came and Velma, Fred, Daphne, Shaggy, Scooby-Doo, and I stood outside of the basement door. "The police are on their way." I said aloud, "No they're not." I thought to myself. "Would you kindly take a look at the basement for me. The pirate ghost is quite bothersome."

"No way!" said Shaggy.

"Unh-Unnh" echoed Scooby as he shook is head from side to side.

"Wait a minute!" said Fred. "We're Mystery Inc.! We have to see it this case to the end."

Fred marched on down the stairs to the basement.

"Oh boy..." said Shaggy. He let out an audible gulp as he followed Fred down to the basement. Since Velma could take care of Scooby, Daphne went down as well.

It was just Velma, Scooby-Doo and myself.

"Unh-Unnh. Row Wrray!" protested Scooby.

"Will you do it for a Scooby Snack?" asked Velma.

Scooby-Doo scoffed.

"What about TWO Scooby Snack?"

Scooby's tongue began to hang out and his mouth started to water, but his better judgement prevailed and he stuck up his nose. "Unh-Unnh."

"Okaaay. How about a super Scooby Snack. I can't do much better than that!" said Velma. Damn! I didn't have time to check Velma's room.

Scooby eagarly gobbled up the super Scooby Snack in a single bite and let out a mighty "Scooby Dooby DOOOO!!!"

At this point I should have killed three of them but I couldn't even get one. I quickly snuck out to the other group.

"It sure does smell like gasoline down here." said Shaggy.

"Oh no..." said Fred.

I tried to light the match but every match kept breaking. No matter, I had a lighter. I attempted to turn it on but it wouldn't work.

Daphne quickly realized what was going on and kicked me into the pool of gasoline. My lighter just happened to turn on at that moment. Fuck!

As I was burning along with my hotel, I knew they had escaped alive. The insurance money would have covered any initial investment I would have lost had my plan succeeded. My wife was always against the idea, so I tried convincing her by scaring her with a ghost-pirate ploy, but she ended up calling Mystery Incorporated on me so I shot her in the face. The fire would char our bodies enough for us to be unrecognizable. Before my fading out, I had a sudden realization that made me more calm about my death.

At least those meddling kids never captured me!

The Alternate End.

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