[WP] You are your closest friend are trying to survive the zombie apocalypse when a group of zombies corners you. You lock yourself into a room, but they'll break in. You have one gun, and one bullet.

We threw ourselves into the room, heaving for air, and locked the closet behind us.

"Shit, this might be it, Billy!" I yelled at him.

"Might be what?" he asks.

"The end!"

"Of what, though?"

"Us, you idiot! Enough of this, we need to make a plan."

"I thought this was the end, though."

"If we don't make a plan it might be!"

"What kind of plan?"

"A plan to get out of here and passed those fucking zombies!"


"Alright, what do we have with us?"

"We've got a gun, and a bullet," he said, taking the gun out of his pocket.

"Well, I see a gun, but where's the bullet?!"

"Uhhh..." Billy looks down the chamber of the gun, holding it by the trigger. "Oh! It's in the gun!"


Billy takes the bullet out of the gun and stares at it intently under the dim closet light.

"This might be it," he says.

"Might be what?" I ask.

"The bullet, duh."

"Oh yeah. Now, I've got a perfect plan."


"No, not yet. What we're gonna do is we're gonna charge into the zombies and take them out one-by-one."

"But we only have one gunbullet."

"Exactly! I'll take the bullet, you take the gun."

"Why didn't I think of that..." he mumbles, passing me the bullet.

"Alright, on three. Three, two, one, THREE!"

Together, we charge out of the closet, running past all of the people nonchalantly minding their business, yelling, "ZOMBIES, WATCH OUT THERE ARE ZOMBIES!"

Finally, we make it to where we found the zombies, Ted's Halloween Depot, and run in. We are surrounded by the undead, and, with the last of our strength, we each fall to the ground and sob. Luckily, the zombies stay motionless for a few minutes, and the manager, Phil, approaches us and tells us to leave.

"You don't understand, Phil!" I say, "there are zombies!"

Phil looks at the zombie, emotionless, and says, "those are halloween decorations."

At that point, Billy and I start cracking up.


"SERIOUSLY!" I yell.

Billy's face drops, "what do you take us for, idiots?"

"Honestly, Halloween was just last year."

Billy and I walk out of the store, then, and I turn around to see the store manager staring in disbelief. I put on my sunglasses and say, "make sure you take care of that zombie problem, kid." And Billy and I walk out of the mall, into the sunset.

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