[WP] Careers are determined by a computer analysing how you would gain the most satisfaction. You have been given "Serial Killer".

It was very much a family affair, careers day. All the Year 9s gathering in refectories and canteens across the country, their families proudly waiting for the good news. I led my family up the steps to the school with pocketed hands, not really caring about what was coming. Typical teenager. My grandfather remarked "Not like back in my day where all we had was a tiny room and a couple of books. You had to choose a career yourself back then". Even my dad was there, taking a break from his job as an anti-corruption lawyer. "Good luck, son", he said with a swell of pride and expectation in his voice. I fell into line with the other kids.

Kids were steadily coming and going. Some ecstatic about their given career, some obviously less than thrilled. Apparently the computer never lied. It was my turn. I wandered into the refectory. There was a bank of desks with a computer on each one. I found a free one and sat down.

"Now just look into the camera here and place your palm on the reader here", instructed Mr Scott. "I hope you get something more suited to your skills, like shelf stacking or labouring". I glanced up at Mr Scott, then began my test. It was over in a few seconds.

"Serial killer".

My eyes shifted from the monitor to Mr Scott. He seemed unaware. I looked back at the monitor. "I don't understand", I thought. "That's not a career choice. What?". I snatched my printout and swiftly made my way through the refectory, eager to get back to my family in the hallway. I was stopped immediately before the exit by the Headmaster and a duo of police officers.

"Richard, please come with us. We must discuss your test results". The Headmaster had a twinge of nervousness in his voice. I was led outside into a waiting van and didn't see the light of day again for five years. My father battled for years to exonerate me of my alleged crime. Evidence was unearthed that indicated the system had been tampered with, probably down to the many high profile enemies my father had made over the years.

It's hard to find a job with that kind of mark against your name. Might as well go with the choice that's already been made for me.

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