[WP] You casually say out loud that it would be fun to be the opposite gender for a day. The next day you wake up as the opposite gender.

I've never seen a doctor so angry...just...just so fucking pissed. It was like we brought in a baby who was a part time ash tray. He had to leave the room twice.

John jus...sorry, "Whoreface Samantha" as he wants to be called now, is just sitting there giggling and rattling away. It's been a weird fuckin day.

This was my best friend John. Just some dumbass I've known forever. He woke up in the body of this hot lady. Most people would have some sort of reel from that level of intense psychological trauma, but John just wrecked that poor lady's whore hole. He was just happy and angry at the same time.

It's funny that we were just talking about if we would touch our lady parts if we accidently became a lady. John said; "No because that's a sin." and he silently and angrily watched NASCAR and Masterpiece Theater.

I turned in shortly after that, because I like to make sure my door is locked before John has his night terrors, and the next morning I hear a young woman screaming, out of her mind with fear. He just stared at me, screaming with a voice too terrible to be heard out loud. Then he started touching himself. Immediately like too, just all aggressive like he was shaking his long lost brother's hand, just grippin shit.

So we just let him be, I'd probably do the same thing, I'd kinda like know what it'd be like to not fake an orgasm. I love the mrs, she's a fine woman but, I've faked it for years. So we closed the door and let him enjoy, if only for a little while, just guerilla fuckin himself.

We started to get concerned when he ran through the house bare assed sayin; "WHERE'S THE FUCKIN RICE" or "WHERE'S THE FUCKIN POP-ROCKS". He thought that his new silky handbag was a limited time offer, the lord giveth and that. So he wanted to feel ALL of the things in this little personal pocket. he crammed it with all sorts of strange and interesting things, mashed potatos, dirt, pop-rocks, $8.80 in dimes...so when he just stopped. Like he got unplugged from the matrix, just stopped. We brought him to the ER and they really haven't done much except had us tell them what happened until that doctor slapped me and Robert, thinking that we were taking advantage of our sister.

John's just over there giggling and rattling like a slutty piggy bank.

I bet that poor lady that got his body just cried and ate salad or some shit.

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