[WP] You could feel the dragon’s blood running through your veins but you are the first person too remain in control

“Are you ready?”

I gulped back all my gut feelings that this was a bad plan. Every. Last. One.

The doctors said you’d have at least 2 more years! You could be losing all of that and for what? Some fantasy?

What if Jackie ends up on the streets? you’re all he has!

What about Liv? You know she didn’t want this

What if Keisha has a panic attack and you’re not there? What if her iron drops? What if she needs help with her math and you’re not there?

“I’m ready” I lifted my forearm and placed it on the armrest of my chair. Three men on each side of me held me down as one man in a white coat numbed my skin.

I jumped at the pinch as the needle went in, and I felt the men around me tighten their grip for half a second before relaxing.

they’re scared of you...

Then the man numbed my other arm, and stuck another needle in. I managed to stop myself from jumping.

“Let’s begin. Start pushing Dragon Blood” He said stiffly.

I watched the golden liquid seep through a cord, and then it disappeared through the needle.

“Start drainage” The doctor repeated.

I watched my blood leave my body through the other cord. I started to feel weak after about a minute, and I could see my veins become more golden. My chest started to ache. It felt tight and then a beat of pain pounded and spread out through me. My head pounded in an echo and someone was screaming. My vision clouded and became fuzzy. I felt my whole body shake. The mens’ hands were no longer holding me down. The floor grabbed me and tossed me around. I couldn’t stop moving. My arms and legs pulled back and kicked out. My torso twitch and convulsed. I felt something build up in my throat and I puked.

My hearing was muffled, but I could make out small parts, “seizing...don’t touch her!”

I felt my body start to calm, but I continued coughing up my blood, which had turned a strange orange color.

My hearing and sight became less numbed, though everything kept darkening and lightening, but I could understand the words being said.

“Shit! Her blood is mixing with the dragons blood, we fucked up the timing”

“Okay well once she pukes it up she’ll be okay”

“Unless it causes another seizure! Or stops her heart!”

“It’s fine, look at her, she’s started to gain conscienceless, she’s no longer coughing up blood!”

I saw a light in one eye, then the other

“Her pupils are going nuts, they’re growing and shrinking like crazy”

“Her brain is adjusting to the new blood”

“That or that blood is plaguing her and making her lose control of herself!”

“Shut up! Get the fuck out!”

“Absolutely not!”

I felt myself pass out.

Jackie... Liv... Keisha...Luke...Jamie...I’m sorry....Please be okay, please make it through life. Liv make sure Jackie doesn’t get hurt too bad. And please make sure Keisha eats, and make sure she doesn’t let her iron drop. Please, be there when she has a panic attack, she needs someone there, otherwise it can last far too long. Make sure Luke’s ankle heals nicely, and make sure Jamie leaves that asshole Ian, he’s a no good liar. Please help them okay? And please oh please, help yourself. You’re my best friend, please help yourself. Don’t get torn up. I know I left. I know I wasn’t supposed to. I just- I didn’t want just two years. I’m so sorry!

I felt tears break as I woke up. I was sobbing, snot seeping from my nose and tears from my eyes. I wiped my face on my arm, and then looked around. Where was every-

What the fuck???

There was rubble everywhere, and there were 6 cars, all of them had exploded. Livks of fire slowly migrated along the broken splinters of wood. What happened?

I looked at my hands, and my arms. My veins were golden, and they stuck out very obviously.

I did this... I thought to myself as I started to walk. The doctor’s body was 20 meters away, or, at least what was left of his body.

His once pristine white coat was now bloodied and dirtied. It hung on his shoulders, which were attached to only his torso and half of one arm. I could see both his legs torn apart about 6 meters away, and then his head was smashed inward with a bloody and brainy rock right next to it. That wasn’t a collision. Somebody broke through his skull and mashed his brain with that rock.

That somebody was me

Suddenly, I heard helicopters.

They’re coming

“Sorry doc” I said as I pulled the wet and heavy coat from the corpse. I hid my golden veins in the sleeves, and tied the coat around me. I looked around and dove under a metal sheet that had almost completely fallen over. It was held up my a small pole that had been stabbed into the ground. I listened long and heard the helicopters above me for almost an hour. Then, nothing. They faded away into the distant sky.

I felt my pockets in my jeans and realized my phone was traceable. I yanked it out and threw it at a small section of standing wall.

The phone sped toward the wall and smashed into it. The phone itself was destroyed.

How did i-

There was no way I had thrown the phone THAT hard! I looked around and saw a big, thick metal pole. I ran to it and grabbed it with both hands. It felt like it was merely a hammer.

Is this the dragon blood?

I smiled.

Hey guys... i’m still here I thought about my friends. They were probably worried sick, it has been almost a week since I left.

Looking around at the hell, I knew I couldn’t get on any planes. That was out of the question. I needed to get back to my friends!

I sat down and started thinking, when I heard footsteps. I jumped up and looked around, and heard and engine die.

A car! Aha!

I started whistling. Before long a man emerged and I ran at him. I grabbed his throat before he could even pull up his gun.

It was broken before he could call out.

I ran through the rubble toward where i thought the car was. I found it quickly, along with 3 other men, armed with rifles.

I grabbed a palm sized rock and whipped it toward one man’s head. It smashed into him so hard the rock crumbled. I found a nail and whipped it at the next man. It stabbed through his throat, and shot out the other side. He died instantly. The third man I threw two rocks are One hit his throat and the other hit his stomach. His stomach was torn open by the second rock, his throat managed to stay secure. However, he was helpless.

I searched them for keys and found them on the second man. Then I turned on the bulletproof car and started driving.

I’ll be home soon guys

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