[WP] You have dishonored your family and you must commit Sudoku.

My cousin, the accomplished surgeon, finds his most relaxing moments in Sudoku. In between operations he would retire from the chatters to his imagination, to his younger self when his mates and him would play sudoku.

'pass the pencil please' his mates would take turns, sometimes with a timer. One of his friend is now a mathematician, and this special day he meets with my cousin.

'You know, I got the tumor." His friend said over coffee. "Where? I always thought you were big headed." The surgeon tried to chuckle, tried to break the monotony.

But is true and it was hard not to cry. Men in their final hours. The surgeon rush home at once, for once. The hours that follows family and friends came and expressed their grief and unbelievably at their friend's decisions to stay home alone.

Like old times the surgeon, schooled in many subjects of science and math, saw the many patterns of life and death, set up a table- and sudoku were played. The timer were brought out and the time a flowing all in their minds. They thought about their family, their jobs, money, but most important of all...

When the 12 year old cousin of the mathematician, somewhere on the ancestor tree, came and sat to play sudoku with the grown men. Everyone must of, at the time, thought it peculiar the 12 year old kept saying to the surgeon 'you must commit sudoku.'

And at first the surgeon thought the child had said 'you must commit seppuku.' Oh what a terrible thing, to think of his friend committing seppuku, he thought he was sanitized to such sight but no, wait. And a chuckle followed and which prompted many cheery thoughts; A commonality of peacefulness was shared around the table, everyone must of thought the same. Dinner was served and shortly after everyone bid their farewells to the surgeon.

I'm sorry to say, many month after my cousin passed away.

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