[WP] during the brief moment before the city watch attack Lord Stark's men, Master Chief teleports in front of Ned in his defense.

'I have to admit, they look pretty good' said Theresa to Lee. 'I like what you've done with their cloaks'. She beckoned to the Lannister men who stood between Lord Stark and the queen. 'The red contrasts well with their armour'.

Lee beamed. 'Well, it's the fine details that matter most'.

'As you keep saying. How's Cersei doing?'

Lee sighed, as he glanced down at the Queen. She was ripping up a piece of paper. 'Is this supposed to be your shield, Lord Stark?', she asked, curtly. The men at Eddard Stark's back shifted uncomfortably, but their Lord stood his ground.

'A bit on the angry side, I'm afraid. We might need to take her in for questioning'.

'That whole family's been a bit strange lately. Wasn't Joffrey caught -"

Lee shushed her with a wave of his hand. 'Not now, please'. Things were heating up down there.

Lord Stark raised his voice. 'Commander! He turned to the leader of the city watch. 'Take the Queen and her children into custody.'

The Commander nodded. 'City Watch' he called. His men lowered their spears, and turned deliberately to face the Queen and her men.

'I want no bloodshed'. Eddard addressed the Queen. 'Tell your men to lower their swords. No one needs to die'.

Silence flooded the room. Cersei's mouth twitched with anger. Lee held his breath, his heart pummelling in his chest.

'Now!' yelled the Commander. A spear thrust through the head of one of Stark's men. Chaos broke. Behind Eddard, swords clashed with spears. One man screamed as a sword gutted him sword. Another man screamed manically as he swung a giant, golden warhammer, bashing Stark men and City watch men alike. Ned was fumbling with his sword as a blinding light came shot down from the ceiling.

'What the fuck is that?', screamed Ben. Fighting ceased, as all in the room turned to look at the light. It faded, leaving a shiny outline of a man. Ben leaned forward to get a better look. The light had half blinded his eyes. The figure was covered head to toe with bronze armour. In his hands he held an assault rifle.

'Is that the Master Chief? whispered Theresa.

'Oh, for fuck's sake', complained Lee. He descended the balcony's steps down to the thrown room. Theresa briskly followed him.

The man with the war hammer was laughing. 'Is that who I think it is!?'. He elbowed Ned as if they were chums. 'Hey, Ned. Who's that'.

Ned turned to face the Master Chief. A blank look washed over his face. 'Doesn't look like anything to me'.

'But, look it's the Master Chief. In WesterosWorld! Look, Littlefinger.' He wrapped an arm around the master of coin and led him to the chief. 'Say hello to the Chief'.

Littlefinger pursed his brow. 'Doesn't look like anything to me'.

Ben pushed his way past the soldiers. All were staring at the Master Chief. All wore blank expressions.

'I'm so sorry about this', he said to the man wielding the hammer. 'Those bastards setting up Haloworld are still having trouble with transportation'.

'Doesn't bother me', laughed the man. He had two of Littlefinger's whores behind him. One massaged his shoulders.

'We'll have to quarantine this area, I'm afraid'.

'Oh, really?'

'I'm afraid so'.

'Well, can I bash Joffrey's head in before leaving?'

Ben sighed. 'Go for it'.

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