[WP] A dystopian future where skyrocketing coal prices leads to children behaving as terribly as possible, leading to the extinction of the human race.

"Oliver, I am very disappointed in you, it has been nearly TWO WEEKS since I have received a call from Miss Cherbusky!" shouted Oliver's father, "I'm sorry dah-Dad, I juss don't wanna to bah-bad things" replied Oliver, as the first of what would be many tears slowly ran down his face. Oliver's Father hesitated for a moment, the redness in his face amplified immensely before he started; "Son, your mother might still be with us if you weren't so damn good natur'd! We could have used your Christmas coal to barter with Dr. Jameson and get the antibiotics your mother needed to fight off her infection, but you just had to make the nice list, why can't you be more like Sylus? His Dad told me he almost got expelled for what he did to that chubby kid in your class!" Before Oliver could offer an explanation to his Father's misplaced anger, his Father stood up, took off his belt and began relentlessly beating Oliver with it as he shouted "it's all your fault!" he continued, Oliver's Father soon switched to his fists, and he did not stop. Nick could bare watch no longer. This type of behavior from parents had become commonplace in the modern world. The value of coal had increased exponentially for the last 14 years. It now held more value than any other substance on Earth. The dirty commodities rising value was attributed to two major events that tragically occurred just months apart. Humans had consumed all of the available oil on their planet leaving coal as the sole fossil fuel available. Additionally, a North Korean experimental weapon, which had technology that even he did not fully understand somehow managed to fry every single circuit board in the world ( and also catastrophically in Low Earth Orbit) leaving coal as mankind's only source of power. Humans began sending expeditions searching for coal to the North Pole within 2 years and had not stopped looking since, but they would never find him. Early in his assignment, before he was forbid from talking to humans he used to tell them he was from about as far up north as they could imagine, while it was partially true that he resided at the North Pole, his residence existed in a dimension that humanity did not. He never expected them to take it quite so literally. He did not entirely blame them, but humans failed to understand that there are limitations to his magic. If he could only create an infinite supply of it for them he happily would. That was not the case, it was only created when he arrived at a families house, and furthermore, only in very modest proportions. Trying to shift his focus, Nick glanced at his Naughty/Nice list, as he did he noticed Oliver's had evaporated, but it was not transferred to the naughty list. Even with most of humanity calling for his head, he remained patient and continued with his assignment, until now. Watching little Oliver being beat to what ultimately was his death. That was the straw that broke the reindeer's back so to speak. Nick trifled through his storage closet until he came across his machete, which he gloomily unsheathed before the words drained from his mouth "This is going to be a long Christmas"

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