[WP] The earth is flat. Life and civilization is surrounded by an endless desert. Far in the distance, thousands of kilometers away, an obelisk can be seen with the naked eye. Since the dawn of man we have tried to reach it. You are the last survivor of your party when you reach it.

Water for life. All that is necessary for my people is water. Water sustains, water creates. That is all we need and all we have. Water for life. Water is life.
I don't remember the last time I laughed. The crying stopped a long time ago. I lost faith in this damned exodus many cycles ago. I remember how they begged me to stay. Family, friends, society. I wish I listened. She wanted to go. That wretched angel she wanted to go and I wanted her. I wanted to love. I wanted to believe.
She died 6th.
And then the rest did. It was long and drawn out. You die slowly out here. They wanted water and we didn't have enough. I never had enough. That black headstone keeps calling. Beckoning out of the corner of my eye, watching, seeing, waiting. Waiting for as long as we all could remember.

I don't care what it is anymore. There's no salvation for me. No redemption. Even if it is manifest divinity it wouldn’t help me. Only morbid curiosity keeps my legs working as I search my life to find another reason. It won't matter for long. No water. Then I found it. Written in every language, as plain as day. I laughed and wept. I read it over and over. I wanted to live. I wanted to scream it from mountains and whisper it in every ear. I realize where I am. I will never share it and this obelisk will be my obelisk. Even if I had water I have no equipment to get back. I despise my upcoming death. I would do anything to prolong it even in this empty abyss. I take solace in the fact in knowing death is imminent. If I could fight for another ounce of breath I would go through endless pain and that scares me. I don't want this burden of bliss and euphoria. Then my salvation became only a world of fire and brimstone. Out of the bottom of the obelisk dropped a basin and a tap. Always a basinful. Only a basin. Always a basin. Only a basin.

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