[WP] Every new thing requires a new deity, and you are the recently named God of Electronics

The sparks leapt from spire to spire, brilliant white-blue arcs sizzling the air as they traveled. The man's black hear reached out towards this charge, as his eyes focused unblinkingly on the experiment. The fire of adrenaline was in his belly, and the fear of harm was just more coal for the flames. He stood close enough to the bolts that he could feel them reach out and graze his skin, but he was certain his math was correct.

The coils continued to spit, as sweat pooled on Nikola's face. They seemed to be building in power, and were flirting with the limits of what he thought were capable by his systems. He held fast, increasing the AC current flow, and stared into the maw of creation. Suddenly, the bolts exploded violently, consuming Tesla in a cloud of crackling light.

Nikola awoke, surrounded by clouds and sky. He rose to his feet, taking in this strange turn of events, and yelled out into the nothing.

"Hello? Anyone there?"

Lightening cracked the sky, followed shortly by the thunderous boom of an otherworldly voice. "Do you know why I've brought you here?"

Tesla spun, looking for the source of the deafening tones. "No, and I wish you hadn't. I'm doing very important work, and I'd like to return to it."

The voice laughed, the sound like clouds shaking before a storm. "You will get to, my friend. You shall carry our message down to the mortal realm, changing the history of humanity forever. But you shall pay heavily for this contribution."

"I shall? How so?"

There was a sadness to the clouds words, as it's booms shrank to whispers. "You will not be appreciated in your time, I'm afraid. Your life shall be one of pain, excruciating work, and unrecognized genius. You will meet a cruel and slow demise, and you shall be alone. But know that once you pass, you shall watch over all who reap what you will sow. The seeds you leave upon this earth shall deep roots; their tendrils will snake through man's time upon this planet. Are you willing to make those sacrifices?"

Tesla stood, contemplating this prophecy. He looked back down at earth, a small spinning orb of blue and white, his eyebrows furrowing in silent thought.

"I am."

The clouds exploded, a fierce storm of lightening ripping towards Tesla's body. "Then return to the earth, oh God of Electronics!"

With a flash, Tesla disappeared.

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