[WP] In the eyes of an alien, describe an invasion of its home planet by humans. Make the humans the scariest thing I have ever read about.

If there is anyone out there that can hear me, please heed my warnings. Do not interact with them. Do not cross them, and always keep your eyes on the stars.

“The following message is an emergency broadcast from the President of Axial Prime. Please ensure your attention is kept solely on the broadcast, and you remember the instructions. Message begins.”


“Fellow citizens of Axial Prime. The time has come to shed light on the current situation.” The president is very uneasy. His body is on edge and his thoughts are blank. “Two years ago, Axial Prime sent an expedition to the planetary system known by the Interplanetary Community as Gallus.”

Gallus… Where have you heard that name before? Is it in the president’s memory? You can’t read it, so you wouldn’t know. All there is in the president’s mind is focus. Focus on the message. Focus on the words he is delivering. Focus, because your life depends upon it now.

“We told you that it was a mission to seek out new worlds, and new species for our prime directive. That was a lie.” A lie? Where did that come from so sudden? Mr President, what else were lies? “Just focus, and listen, please. What I am about to tell you has been kept an Intergalactic Secret for over 70 years. To summarise the secret, it is that there is something different about Gallus Prime’s sentient species. What I am about to show you is what has been brought into the public mind prior to this declassification.”

An image flashes into your mind. It is Gallus Prime, in full view facing its parent star, looking innocent and without trouble or need for such concern. Another image came through, with most of it covered by the darkness. Again; there was nothing of concern.

“Now look at the images that were declassified.”

The planet in these images is no longer the attractive, innocent little planet like Gallus Prime. It was now a doomed Red, as if it had a sickness overcome it. The image of the darkness brought a great cloud of lights across it so vast and so bright it looked like a galaxy. But the images are still not concerning enough. What is the real concern then, Mr President?

“What you have just seen is Gallus-1, Gallus Prime’s nearest sister planet. I am now going to show you Gallus Prime after the accident.” An image popped up of a very busy scene. Your mind is fluttering around the little bright lights floating around, but you soon see the fracture, and the pieces. You soon see the destruction. Through suggestion and afterthought, you soon see that Gallus Prime is in pieces. What accident, Mr President? “Our expedition was the accident. The Artificial Intelligence miscalculated its trajectory around Gallus and the star ship hit Gallus Prime four months ago with the result of total planetary fracture.” An interplanetary accident; there was many questions. How does an AI miscalculate? Was it intentional? Are you still lying to us? “I need focus. We need to focus on this. There is no time for questions.” No time. Focus is instantly restored.

“Shortly after the accident, we lost contact with the probe in the area. We were unable to uncover any images prior to loosing contact. What we did receive, however, is one looping message that has been playing since the accident.” The message played.

WHY-HU-HH scrambled speech. WHY-HU-HH scrambled speech. WHY-HU-HH scrambled speech. WHY-HU-HH scrambled speech.

The message stopped. “The concern is that the Interplanetary Community has received this message from several unexplored areas of our galaxy. What is more, as of yesterday, we have lost contact with four communities, and just over seven hundred probes.” The concern is now really spreading. “As of this morning, it is twelve communities.” An essence of panic is beginning to set in. Panic, laced with anger. You, them, everyone knows what Axial Prime has just done. You can feel it on the President’s mind now, like a sickness. “I understand the unsettlement my fellows, but we must remain calm and focused. If we are to survive what is coming, we need to work together. We need to push back against them. We need to understand the rest of this message. We need to know what their intentions are.”

You are hesitant. Secrets do not play well with you. They do not play well with anyone. But you know at this point it is too late. Too late to get angry. You must survive. You must collaborate.

The message is played again, this time the characters are shown. The President awaits the intelligence to return with possibilities, but before all are presented one possibility sticks with you the most.


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