[WP] in a feudal world, every warrior's skill is reflected in their blade, the bigger the blade, the less skilled, one day you meet someone carrying just a hilt

I looked upon the dusty plain where our vast army stretched encircling what was known as the "unconquerable" city. The grunts with their large clumsy blades made up the front, as an officer I was not mounted but had a respectable sized blade. Although the warriors of the city were famed for their skill even a general could easily be overwhelmed by 15-20 low skilled brutes, I did not see how we could lose.

It was then that the massive gates creaked and slowly opened, after what felt an eternity a singular man walked out onto the plain to survey our army. A single man, perhaps he had come out to offer their surrender?He had his weapon with him although it was still sheathed. He was still some distance away but I could make out the distinctive short sheath of the legendary tantos the city's warriors trained with since childhood. A blade smaller than most men would be able to wield well into adulthood,they were able to use proficiently as children. As the gates began to close behind him the war horn blew and the brutes charged, no doubt the plan was to breach the cities gates before the gate could close once again. The man did not waiver or even seem to react as the oncoming horde of men wielding giant blades closed in on him. It was then I saw a small flicker of movement, he had drawn his blade, but it seemed he was only holding a hilt. My eyes widened as I saw him whip his arm through the air left to right a single time. A fellow officer laughed and said "he's panicking slashing at air!", but his demeanour and actions did not seem panicked at all. Inside instinctively I felt something was wrong,I felt fear, "NO!" I yelled, it was then that I saw hundreds of the charging grunts be knocked away in a giant arc some of them even splitting in half from the force as if a giant invisible razor had been launched towards them at incredible speed. I quickly leapt to the ground just as the officer next to me who had been laughing had his head cut clean off by the still continuing shockwave. I peeked above the ridge to see the warrior wielding nothing but a hilt slash upwards, the ground began shaking and the earth was ripped up in a giant line that shot forwards towards the center of what remained of our "great" army. Molten lava spewed forth from the fissure sending men screaming and running. I too began to run, looking back only once to see the warriors final blow, a down ward slash. The sky opened up and the last thing I saw before I would lose my sight forever was a ball of lightning, the last thing I heard was the sound of men screaming followed by a thunderous boom that would rob my hearing. I do not believe I survived with my life through luck. There had been one survivor before from the last army that had assaulted the city and he too was deaf and blind, I believe they let one man survive as a warning.

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