[WP] The first sentence makes no sense when first read. By the end of the story, it makes perfect sense.

NSFW for language

“Take the god damn carrot, enter the cave, and stab those motherfuckers in the eye!”

The man woke up in a sweat, throwing the covers off of himself at the same time. He sat up and looked around, panting in the meanwhile. He had just had a premonition. He got those in dreams sometimes. Of course no one believed him; people can’t see the future they said. Well, this man could, and he wasn’t sure he was happy that he could.

The man got out of bed, made up the bed, then headed out to the kitchen to get something to drink. The images ran through his head. His friend was screaming those words at him, the world was spinning as he fell to the ground. His girlfriend was crying in the background as his world began to fade to black. The man shivered, trying to shake off the thoughts, and grabbed some water.

He didn’t know when it would happen, just that it would. He could remember the feelings from that dream. Utter and complete failure, like the world was ending. It was horrible. He had never felt that bad before. And so the man picked up his phone and called his friend to come over and hang out. He wanted to get his mind off of the premonition.

He had fun hanging out with his friend, but he knew bad things were afoot when his girlfriend stopped by. He let her in and all three of them hung out. His girlfriend got a call that she had to take, so the man and his friend went over to the man’s computer and fired up a game. They were getting further than they ever had before. The man commanded the bunny to move forward, to prepare to assault the orcs in the cave. His friend was wide eyed, ready to win the game.

“Guys, I just found out my pet rabbit died and-”

“Take the god damn carrot, enter the cave, and stab those motherfuckers in the eye!” the man’s friend yelled, interrupting the man’s girlfriend and knocking the man over and away from the computer. His girlfriend began to cry at the mention of the carrot, apparently reminding her of her beloved rabbit, and then the mouse cord somehow dragged the whole computer off of the desk. It promptly fell on the man’s head as his vision began to swirl and spin and then fade to black.

“Shove that carrot in here now!”

The man awoke in a sweat again, but this time he was in a hospital and wearing a paper gown. He had had another premonition.

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