[WP]: A fly lands on a table, starting a chain of events that gradually escalates to first degree murder

 His entire body was still except for his right hand which slowly opened.  He had visualized the death of this fly for the entirety of his meal; planned it.  The greasy morsel of hamburger over which the fly now prayed did not fall off the dish by chance.
But now, at the hour of its death, J what felt he would later come to describe as a sense of forgiveness.  This pest which had all but ruined J's appetite with the whining breath of its wings on his cheekbone, and the shit-feet tracks it left on the coleslaw J no longer considered fit for human consumption, (the coleslaw J had been looking forward to all morning.  All week in fact—J had been looking forward to the coleslaw as much as the burger it came with, and almost as much as the paycheck he needed to buy tonight's bottle of Popov and next week's supply of Top Ramen with.
Forgiveness.  It was new to J.  He had heard of it, but never had much use for it.  No one who wronged him had deserved it, and no one he'd wronged ever offered a taste.  But now, his hunger—if not his thirst—satiated, and his mind calmed by the meditative process of deliberately planning the death of the fly, J came to an understanding.  That fly hadn't meant to annoy him; to ruin his first decent meal in a week.  There could be no satisfaction in revenging an offence that existed only in his mind.
J belched and pardoned himself to the fly, left his tray on the table for the cashier to take care of because “Fuck him, go get a GED” and headed back toward his own miserable office.
In the bright sunshine, J thought about his own act of magnanimity as he fought his way through the anonymous throngs of people on the crowded city sidewalk.   
“This must be what God feels like,” he said to himself, slowly turning his head to the right.
  He made eye contact with a driver who was anxiously tapping the steering wheel with his fingers.  J smiled.  The driver flipped him off and honked the horn. J jumped.  A lady passing on his left laughed.  The warmth drained from J's day.  He checked her with his hip.
Her spine bent slowly as she tried to maintain her balance then snapped suddenly as it struck the oncoming car.  She was dead before she hit the ground.  
Her entire body was still, except her right hand, which opened slowly.
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