[WP] For months you've had a recurring dream of dating a Demon Queen. Just a silly dream that you joke with your friends about at lunch. Until today when you see her in the cafeteria glaring right at you, and making a bee line for your table.

“Where are we meeting him?”
“Aecher-Moxes Keep.”
Kaela told me about the splendor of Aecher-Moxes Keep before, and now I was eager to finally see it. Kaela led me to a park bench, took a seat, and motioned for me to sit next to her. She leaned against me so that her head was rested against my shoulder, and I understood what she was trying to do.
“You can’t think of anywhere better for us to go to sleep in the daytime?” I asked Kaela.
“On the chance that your Ma or your Dad come home from work early or something, do you wanna do the explaining as to why you’re laid up in your bed with a girl?”
No. No, I did not.
Kaela held her phone up, and through the SinGo app, she activated the Instant Sleep spell. She was asleep so fast and hard, someone might as well have sucker-punched her into unconsciousness. I considered lifting her up and carrying her over to a nearby tree and laying her down so we could sleep in the shade, but we didn’t have a blanket, and I didn’t want to hear her mouth if we woke up later and her skirt had dirt on it. I sat as as upright as I could so Kaela’s head was secure on my shoulder, and then I activated the Instant Sleep spell through the SinGo app on my phone as Kaela had told me to.
Kaela was right when she said SinGo was a far easier way to enter into sleep and lucid dreaming. In fact, I don’t even remember nodding off, and going from reality to a lucid dream state was just like turning on a light switch in a dark room. However, my dreamscape in this case was no simple room, but a nighttime variation of the same park Kaela and I had gone to sleep in. A second after arriving, I felt Kaela’s right hand on my shoulder, so I turned to face her. She was back in her exquisite demon form.
“You should let me pick out something for you to wear,” Kaela, in her demon form, told me. I nodded, and then I looked down. I was now wearing a black, high-collared dress shirt with genuine silver buttons, a silver ring on my right pinky, black dress pants, and black ankle-high boots. I looked up to Kaela again, and she was holding a sheathed military saber out to me. I just peered at her for a moment, really confused.
“The fuck do I need that for?”
Kaela cleared her throat. “I...I might’ve told my father that you were willing to prove yourself to him for a period of time. As my protector.”
“You fucking did not.”
“You fucking did not.”
“Baby, do you think my father, the fucking nightmare king, is going to let his daughter be courted by just any man?”
“No, I didn’t. But I thought you’d at least always be honest with me about our relationship. If this is that, and you just aren’t on some rebellion shit.”
“Would you please just go with it for now?”

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