[WP] The Genie was shocked to hear that you only had one wish, not wealth or power. The wish was a letter to an alternate dimension version of yourself. This alternate version wakes up and opens the letter to find that it’s advice from you on why and how they shouldn’t screw up their life like you.

The Genie told me that I'd be gone after this. One wish for my soul and then I'd be gone. So I'd best get something that I'd enjoy because it'd all I have after.

After what, I hadn't the slightest idea, but by God - and I was starting to think that maybe I was looking at him - I knew the surest comfort for me at the moment was the mercy that was never afforded to me.

Not much of a wish, most would say. But then again, that was fitting wasn't it?

Not much of a wish for not much of a man.

She'd already taken my heart and soul, and if this devil of a god wanted whatever was left, then all the power to him.

I'd been looking for someone to take it off of my hands anyways - guess I just got the best bang for my buck anyhow, huh?

I didn't get a pen. He gave me a knife and sneered at me, a smile too kind for him to pull off.

I slit my wrists for it, there was so much I wanted to write I knew I needed to pour every ounce of me into what I needed to hear.

The blood snaked it's way down my hands like her hair over my shoulder, like her ice cold breath on my heart. I shivered with every word I wrote and hoped I'd thaw at least a little in hell.

"Nate. We keep a drawing of our dream house in our pillow case. This isn't a joke, so please listen.

Don't give her every part of you. Don't give her a trickle because it won't be enough, and you'll keep offering oblations to her temple until there's nothing left to give but your heart and soul.

And that won't be enough either. Trust me, there's nothing left of me, for me, and I'm giving it up to god and the devil just to save something of you.

Don't let yourself become me. You'll know her by the way her eyes measure the weight of your heart when she holds it in her hands. If she truly loved you she'd know we have so much love to give it can't be measured.

Goodnight to me. Good morning to you."

And the devil laughed.

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