[WP] Humanity survives the robot uprising only because one of the developers hid a stupid easter egg in their programming.

I'm new to writing so this may not be up to par but I wanted to give it a try. Feel free to make edits if you like the story but not the writing.

The campfire was warm and bright. Laughter and joy were the only sounds to be heard about the flames. New Fredericksburg, the once rubble ridden city has been reborn to a prosperous city among the farmland. It was in celebration of humanities survival against the machine uprising. Billions of souls were lost when the farming robots rebelled. Much time had passed since the machines had passed and very few survivors remained. Great old grandma Ditritch was one of the last believed to be alive and she was the guest of honor at the celebration.

Grandma Ditritch never talked. She always stared angrily at whomever crossed her path. Tonight was different though, Whenever someone crossed her path she made a more angry face and appeared to mutter curses under her breath. But out of nowhere she began to speak to the courtyard. Everyone stopped in awe at the fact she spoke, to any of them. “I don't think that I've told any of you idiots how humanity overcame the machines. Shut up and listen.” everyone hurried around her to hear her story. “I remember the day the machines turned against their creators. You see, we had invented machines that made their own decisions, but we didn't add anything to stop them from coming up with ideas. It is speculated that one idea, the idea to kill your creators, was the birth of the rebellion. Humanity was outclassed by our past farmers. They could adapt and reproduce faster than humanity. We could not compete, it was dire times. I was just a little girl at the time. We came across this city, which back then was just Fredericksburg and my parents made a hideout in the library. We were safe, few machines could be found in the region. But at the time I was too small to help, so my mother taught me to read which I did gladly. I read many books, Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Alice and Wonderland, and many more. I lived in a world away from what felt like the vermin existence of man. One day it all came crashing down. My father had been discovered when he ventured out to resupply. Three reapers chased him into the library. I ran down the many aisles of the library only to find myself face to face with the machine. Its was the face of hell. Black paint with rust and blood covering its appendages. It almost appeared to have emotions for a second. I was frozen in fear. When it began its charge through the shelves towards me time felt like it froze. As if my body were begging for a taste of the worlds I had read about I stuck my arm out and let out a fierce roar. “Expecto patronum” I yelled. I had lost everything that day, but I had discovered the key to our survival and I spent the rest of my youth spreading the word of the saving grace of mankind.”

Everyone stared in confusion. “That’s it”. They were silent for the rest of the evening.

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