[WP] Humanity's newest mutation has arrived. Colored eyes are a rarity; most are born with only a milky white abyss in their sockets. No pupils, no irises, no nothing. Not sightless, just colorless. The elite class see colored eyes as a privilege, and if yours are deemed to be undeserved, well...

(So I honestly have no idea what I’m doing, I’m just trying to get back into writing and used this prompt. Sorry for any crappy grammar)

For the longest time it had been like this, we had seen other evidence that had said otherwise, that the past was different but this was our truth, our reality. In some of these lovely pictures you see throughout history you always see the people with big eyes, colors from every shade filling up their iris and conveying their real emotion. It hadn’t been like that for centuries. For as long as I can remember most everyone had no hint of color in their eyes, no iris, no black dot, nothing but an orb of cloudy milk that stared back at you. We didn’t know when this started or why it even got started, all we knew was that it happened and it didn’t seem to affect people’s eyesight, most could see perfectly, others are still blind as a bat. It just seemed that colored eyes all decided to fade from existence...well not all. Some people do have eye colors, with pupils and all. However it was a very small part of the population if I had to take a small guess it was only about two percent if that. These people with eye colors our society had decided to hold up like celebrities, for some reason. It was very rare for a person with colored eyes to make less than a million dollars, they were constantly getting money, or being asked to star in movies. Of course the unfairness of the situations didn’t stop there, the more rare the eye color was, the more worshipped you were and the more money you were expected to make; with brown eyes being the lowest and rare ones like green and gray being the highest. It seems like a world without eye colors had just made everyone obsessed with them, celebrates picking the best colors to bring out their eyes and so forth. I’ve always hated it, I’ve hated it since I was little. My grandpa had colored eyes, from what most had told me they had been a brown color. Pawpaw had been outspoken, he had preached about how unfair it was that people had been earning millions while others suffered in poverty. He had actively protested and set up documents to try and help other colorless people at the expense of colored eyes like himself. Of course they hadn’t been too happy about that, and Pawpaw soon found himself joining a group called the sightless, thoses who dared speak out against the colors, and paid the price with their sight. My grandpa had been my hero for the longest time and that’s why despite my protest I wear the irritating contacts to hide my nature. I have colored eyes, just like all these celebrities I see on tv, all thoses millionaires who post then brag about being humble, all those people that look down on us without a second thought. My mom was smart, she knew I would be outspoken like Pawpaw, and with enough money got a doctor to keep sending me yearly contacts no questions asked. My eyes would stay hidden from the world, less I used them when I’m dragged into the once percent. And i’m fine with that. At least I thought I could be fine with that.

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