[WP] A little girl has been kidnapped, but her parents don't even care, and the police are too incompetent. Desperate to see their precious little human again, the family dog and cat decide to take matters into their own paws.

I remember her in vivid flashes. Strands of delicate platinumn danced through the sultry air as subtle pink lips filled with the joy of her unforgettable smile. Pale skin meeting the warmth of a yellow sun as my gaze stayed unbroken, the little red dress she wore, how pretty she felt. How much it made my heart melt to stay by her side through it all, until the day. That one day when it all turned grey again. I was much too lost in the excitement of 'feeding time' to notice but even this keen sniffer could tell when something was amiss. As she ran, barefoot through the hole in the fence. My tail perked to the danger of a foreign smell, immediately I rushed toward her side. The roar of an engine in the distance, none of my concern as I emerged from the bordered yard to find myself face to face with her. Her eyes, so full of fear as the giant 'human paws' enveloped her mouth and dragged her into the darkness of a white van. I raced after it with everything in me, my heart a mess, ready to explode, my breath fading, the white haze of smoke escaping my nostrils as my vision faded into haze.

I was awoken under the stray lustre of

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