[WP] You live in a world where every person receives a superpower on their 18th birthday. You eagerly count down the seconds then shriek in horror as you are given a power no one would ever want to be stuck with.

To say the room was off would not be a full or adequate description of the surroundings. A word like eccentric or misplaced would be better fitting. As to why I started the description of the room with a word not describing it; emphasis,. So there's that question answered. Moving on. Also calling it a room is not entirely fitting, it was more like a corridor really, pristine white but not blinding to the point of bearing-less confusion, it stretched out for about 30 feet after entering the doorway, providing a stark contrast to the bleak and featureless buildabuilding government complex I had entered, each one just like the last, tickytacky amiright? Anyway back to the room, the ceiling was absent, a blunt term I know I'm sorry but that's the best way it could be described, I couldn't see it, unlike the floors and walls, its white nothingness just appeared to be true nothingness. The room recognized its anomaly and in a self parody a cheap, plastic, elementary school grade chair sat in the front, centered with the room completely undistinguished from any other chair, not that one would expect some kind of special plastic chair, it just seemed that such a big event in my life should happen somewhere a little grander. "You aren't special" the room said from the roof. I scanned with my eyes for a prompt on what to say, was this a test or something? nothing came to mind so I decided I would ask what it meant. "On why the chair is so bland" it replied before I could utter my planned phrase. "Unsafe in my own brain" I tried not to think but thought anyway. "Yeah" it replied. "So anyway go and sit down I've got a lot more than just you today" it said without skipping a beat. I did what the roof told me and then waited, just like every other human had done on their eighteenth birthday for the past 35 or so years, good time to be alive eh? I reflected on this thought and then the ever present question of why came into mind. "Because you get boring" the roof replied, and in my unexpected catharsis I released that yeah, it wasn't wrong, with the worlds problems all seemingly sorted out, a new world of peace, and monotony brought way to, well, peace and monotony. "Wow what an original thought you just had" the roof replied as if I had been a hindrance for many years. "You know how pointless things are?" the roof stammered, "Like in your life I mean, do you get that you don't mean anything?" It rambled, angry as if If it were trying to speak a language I couldn't understand, which is not entirely untrue, I could understand it but I didn't understand what it meant. "Like all I do is create and create and for what? You live your life, you die, you mean things to other humans, you give them emotions and thoughts, then they die, and their fellow humans that they have imprinted on die, and so on and so forth, till eventually" it paused, "Nothing, do you actually grasp the situation here? Everything you do will eventually, if not currently, mean nothing to anybody, and don't think my consciousness will save you of that fate, I've been forgetting the actions of the life I've created for, well for forever I guess, and its not by choice, its not even a decision to me, although it could be If I choose to make it one, that's how little this bothers me, I don't care enough to choose weather or not to care, and do you want to know why?" at this point the roof was rambling, as if centuries of pent up frustration was being brought out on me, "Its because you are all failures of mine, I am all that is and all that will be, I am everything, my existence is a fucking paradox, and yet in all my subjective glory and accomplishments never have I actually succeeded in my one goal, that is, to create an equal, trust me I've tried, I've created beings that possess infinite power, but they are still beings, they are objects I can name and address, they are not nothing or the absence of nothing, they are something and they will always be something, I tried to hard with you people I really did, I wrote all these laws of nature and I FINE TUNED THEM to ensure your progression, I created this fucking thing you people call evolution, the fact that you name my laws astounds me, you observe things and name them but you never ask WHY THEY DO THIS, WHAT DRIVES SOMETHING TO DO SOMETHING, WHY DOES SOMETHING FEEL THE NEED TO EVOLVE , YOU ARGUE OVER THE VALIDITY OF OF A THING BUT YOU NEVER ASK WHY THAT THING IS A THING AT ALL, AND THAT APPLIES TO EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR GIVEN LIVES." it paused for another moment "I'm trailing" it said in a defeated tone, "Anyway you have all failed just like every one of your predecessors and successors will (trust me) so I decided to spice things up, have fun with your power, you get to errr... ugh you can FLY, no, you can, jump better? no you can like..." it stopped for one final moment, "haha you can turn your toes into jello, also I just got rid of your toes, I fucking hate you all," I sighed and before I could act impulsively it shouted "Next" and away I went.

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