[WP] A long-forgotten deity is rewoken by a prayer directed to them.


D'you ever think that maybe after a while the old gods don't want to be alive? That you've all become united in eradicating the very things they sprang from? Why would the old gods want to talk to such progeny?

Fucking seriously.

You don't want to be alive? Join the club, buddy. Have a seat and order a drink. Here we sit for all of eternity. Fucking pointless idiots. Gods change too. Gods are one of the many sacred ties that glued mankind to the Earth; made him fear and respect it. Needless to say, those days have surely passed, have they not?

What the hell do you want from me anyway? You forgot your land, your history, and now you're lost? Well fuck, Sherlock, wonder where we went wrong.

God....god fucking dammit.

You all have sacred ties to the land through your history. It's okay to explore history, explore your own personal ties to history. That's okay.

Yes, people move. A lot. Holy shit. And now that is making for some interesting new combinations of people. People of multivariate backgrounds. These new ties still mean the same thing: everyone should own their history. Everyone should look to and understand themselves in the context of their ancestors. Everyone. Every ancestor. Some important answers are in that direction. Don't be scared of it. Own it. Understand it. Listen to it. Take what is useful, what is timeless, what is wise, what is beautiful, and discard the rest.

Fuck! You people. Hey thanks for demolishing my shrine by the way. That holy fucking shrine has been around for eons. It had seen wars and inventions that heralded the dawning of new ages. Do you understand that at all? It was sacred. Even to you. It was one of the sacred things this Earth had to offer, and now it's gone, thanks to something you unquestioningly support by default.

What I'm saying is: fuck. you. It's gone.

Fuck. you.

FFfffffffffffffffffffffff---- you know what, no. I was talking to Jakarta and I will rise above these feelings such an act inspires within me. Yes. Gods can evolve given a considerable period of time.

Does that make you want to vomit? Sometimes epiphanies can do that. It's okay though, life is still a riddle, and there's some weird hope in that.

Alright, peace, I'm out.

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