[WP] A machine is invented that can convert someone's good will directly into good works, but at the cost of depleting that person's good will. That is, the more you use it to help people, the more jaded and spiteful you become.

"I'm pretty sure that it's the bracelet that impels me. I've done more good works for this place than GhandiFuckinMotherTheresa herself and look what it has done for the world. Did they even try to put enough into the disclaimer? But I've realized the hidden side effects haven't I?" Craig's words were only loud in his head. The things he had to say were so bitter they would wither his tongue on the way out. He kept them inside where he didn't have to taste them. And besides, the bracelet was what compelled his actual speech now anyway. The smart bracelet. The GoodWorks© internal behavior amplifier. GodWorks Biotek had warned of the major side effect. After years of wearing the technology, the ventromedial prefrontal cortex stops making decisions and increasingly relies on cues sent through neurons growing into the bracelet. Such good things were done as the bracelet was connected on a deeper level to the pulse of the world. Not metaphysically, no, by wi-fi. And since pretty much everyone has one now, the actual needs of the world were identifiable and "good" was definable. "Definable of course by GodWorks Biotek." The trial stages revealed that as the brain gave up control it also gave in, gave into an internal bitterness, a quiet rage, everyone that wore one slowly became a victim to something, to everything. But the bracelet overpowered that, at least in the external experience, and all the internal spiteful regret didn't change all the beautiful good works for GodWorks Biotek. Craig knew exactly what he was victim of, he knew who to blame and he knew above all else he was the victim. "What they didn't reveal in their study, Oh what they didn't reveal in their study. Will they call me a hacker? But look at all the good I have done in their name. I gave to the poor. I AM THE FUCKIN POOR. I give to the poor and I vote and ride a bike and got rid of my car and recycle and I give and I give and I go to work and then I give all my fucking earnings away. I can see it is all still a cesspool, all the poor passing what little thay have around is doing no good." Craig absent-mindedly drops a bill in a buskers hat as he thoughtfully walks toward GodWorks Biotek office complex. "Craig's brain found the side effect they didn't find. Did you find the part of the cortex that released this 'good work' into me? Has it become stronger than the bracelet you gave me?" Craig audibly laughed like he hadn't in years as he silently taunted the black-mirror glass tower in front of him. The black-mirror glass door swung open and Craig walked in wearing a very thick vest.

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