[WP] The main character is a therapist routinely called in to stop people from commuting suicide by jumping off a building. Today, one of the people convinces him/her to jump too.

"Please don't do this" was a phrase that I used every day. I was less of a therapist and more of a super hero by now. Whenever somebody was ready to end it all, in I came swooping by to rescue them. Each day I convinced the hopeless not to jump, not to take those pills, not to pull that trigger. Maybe I romanticized my job more than I should have, maybe I had a savior complex and I let it go to far.

Last night I was called to the top of a roof by a young, handsome man. He was quite the charmer with his black hair, deep black eyes, pale skin, and new suit. "Sir, I've been called in to stop you from-" "No." He interrupted me. "You haven't been called to stop me, you've been called so that I can stop you." As he spoke, I noticed a slightly sing song tone to his voice, and a touch of an accent ththat I couldn't quite identify. His tone put me more on edge as I sat with my feet dangling over the roof of the tall building.

"10 years you have been called in, called in to stop people from killing the themselves and every single person that you saved was a big mistake. " He looked threatening as he spoke, he stared into my soul and it felt as though he was trying to take the soul straight out of me with his gaze. I was terrified, I was half convinced that he would pull a gun on me next but I became too morbidly curious and stuck in a trance of fear.

"All of the people you stopped were supposed to die when you helped them. The first that you helped had an illness and wanted to go out before the pain ate her up and because you stopped her, she wasted away in agony in a hospital bed. " I sat there, I couldn't look at him, my mouth was gaping. I collected my thoughts " How would you know that? That isn't true! " I said." Oh, but it is. " He said as he sat uncomfortably close to me. He took a newspaper out of his pocket and showed me her obituary. Sure enough, she had died of leukemia.

" Surely you believe me? " He said. I was dumbfounded." The second that you saved had been going through a rough divorce, his wife accused him of rape and now his kids never see him and he's homeless. In fact, you've passed him on the way to work and never given him a second glance. " He glared at me as my face filled with guilt.

" All of these people have been worse of with your help. You only stopped them from dying, you never cared about the quality of their lives and you never cared to improve it for them. " I teared up and buried my face in my scarf. He was right. I stood up, my arms spread and the wind blowing my hair off of my teary face. He stood with me and took my hand. I did not even question it.

" Please don't do this. " He said that phrase that I had been using to stop people from taking their lives; somehow he knew. The phrase that I had used to save people made me now feel like I was the one who needed saving." Jump with me" he said. And so I did.

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