[WP] A man commits the perfect murder. The cop investigating the case is corrupt. Looking to give his career a boost, the corrupt cop pins the murder on a random person, who happens to be the man who committed the perfect murder.

It was a cold winters day. Jeff knew that he would be able to get away with his most heinous crime yet. He had been planning to do the deed for months and the day had finally came. During those months meticulous calculations and observations occurred in order to make sure that his hatred could be spelled out properly for his victim to see.

Jeff didn't originally hate Scott. In fact, he and Scott became great friends in college. They got all the women and were the talk of the campus. "We're going to be best friends forever!" Scott said. Jeff agreed.

Jeff agreed until he realized that Scott was pursuing the same girl as him. This girl wasn't any other catch, oh no. She was the prettiest thing Jeff had ever laid eyes on, he was instantly in love. Her name, was Tiffany.

He started taking her on dates and showering her in gifts. They even made love a few times. But, it wasn't enough. She was after money, which Scott had plenty of.

As Jeff became more jealous he suspected Scott of trying to swoon his love away from him. He started to become possessive and attempted to restrict who else Tiffany could see. "After all," Jeff said, "the more time we spend together the better we will know each other and the more we'll want to be together!" Tiffany could see the warning signs but couldn't figure a way out of the relationship yet.

Over the next few months Tiffany eventually broke things off. Jeff was initially furious however, she was moving to California to look for more opportunities for her career. Jeff couldn't argue with reason and said he would wait here for her to return since he already had a well paying job as an IT Systems Admin.

Secretly though, this was when Jeff's devious plan had started to form. He knew that he had scared Tiffany off and that she would never return.

He blamed Scott for everything. He blamed him for how possessive and over bearing he became with Tiffany. He blamed Scott for his jealousy and anger whenever he saw Tiffany talk to Scott. He eventually blamed her for her death when she crashed her car off a cliff in the golden coast after a night of drinking.

That was his first murder.

He didn't tell anyone. He simply flew out in the morning, liquored Tiffany up and staged the crash all while returning within 24 hours.

He was now free to pursue his plan to finally kill Scott. The cause for all his pain.

He formed a plan to build his own gun. It wouldn't need to be fancy, it just needed to be able to fire the killing shot. A 9mm hollow point. Four to be exact as that was number he knew would create a big enough cavity in Scott's heart for him to instantly cease to exist.

Jeff approached Scott on a Friday night. He had been drinking and was walking home from the bar through the wooded park, alone. It was perfect. Jeff had been stalking Scott for the past 4 months. He kept specific details of his every move. Everywhere he went and how long he stayed there. He attached GPS tracker's to Scott's vehicles so that he could keep track of him.

Jeff knew when the right time to strike would be.

You see, after Tiffany's death, Scott became depressed. Scott truly loved Tiffany. In fact, Jeff's fears were not unfounded as Tiffany actually was cheating on Jeff with Scott and had plans to marry him after she had been away for some time. However, none of that came to pass. He turned into an alcoholic and would go to the bar almost everyone night. The one night he never missed though was Friday nights. That would be the time Jeff struck.

With his homemade revolver loaded and concealed, Jeff was ready to do the deed. Jeff had carefully laid obstacles in the road to sort of guide Scott into his trap. A crude homemade snare out of 550 paracord that Jeff and gotten online.

Jeff also made sure to take precautions of covering up all of his clothes and skin with scrubs. He wanted to make sure that he left as little DNA evidence behind as possible. He even wore boot covers for his shoes as to not leave identifiable footprints.

As he stalked Scott towards his final steps he would take on earth, he began to think about all the good times he had had with Scott. But before Jeff became too sentimental, he quickly returned his focus to why he was here. He was here to kill Scott once and for all.

As Scott stepped into the snare, he didn't realize what was happening. He thought he had simply become caught on a stick and proceeded to shake the string which only made it tighter.

Jeff's actions were swift. He came in and pointed the gun directly onto Scott's heart.

"This is for all the heartache that you caused me you son of a bitch."





Scott was dead. Jeff's homemade pistol had worked flawlessly. After cleaning up his trap, he quickly retreated into the darkness, removed his protective clothing and returned home as nothing had happened. In fact, if anyone were to walk by and see Jeff they would think that he was walking home from the gym down the street from the bar.

The next morning Detective Camrike was assigned to the case. The body was reported as soon as two morning joggers discovered the body. Laying in the middle of the path with a spaced out look in his eyes. Scott had been there all night and was starting to smell.

Detective Camrike had always wanted to work homicide since he was a little boy. He loved watching shows like CSI and wanted to figure out who the bad guys were. That was, until, the lines became blurred. It was a lonely night for a young Officer Camrike. He was cruising his beat with his windows down when we was blocked in. These thugs had decided to step up their game and attack a police cruiser. It took guts.

Officer Camrike immediately opened fire once he realized what was about happen but wasn't able to control the situation as there were too many assailants. Out of nowhere, gun fire erupted to the rear of Officer Camrike's cruiser. He ducked down until it stopped. When he looked back up, he noticed that all of his would be assailants were dead. He exited his vehicle and was confronted by the infamous mob boss, Don Capone. While not directly related to Al Capone, Don was a 4th generation Capone cousin.

Officer Camrike knew his life had been saved and he was indebted to Capone. Capone also knew this and immediately used it as blackmail.

"I just saved your ass form getting popped."

"Thank you, I don't know what would have happened if you weren't here."

Capone levels his gun on Camrike "Maybe I wanted to do it myself." Camrike starts to cry, thinking of his family "Or maybe, I just wanted you to owe me."

"Anything, I'll do anything."

"From now on, you're mine. If I need something covered up, I'm calling you and you better provide. Got it?"

"Yes Mr. Capone, anything."

"Good, now you remember this day."

And with that Capone shot Officer Camrike in the shoulder. He had left this mark on Officer Camrike and Camrike would not forget it.

Now years later, Detective Camrike made sure to call Capone in case this was his doing.

"Capone, it's Camrike"

"What is it?"

"I've got a body here in central park, is it one of yours?"

"Ya know, I heard about one of my guy's popping someone out there but I didn't assign it."

"Consider it taken care of."

Capone hung up.

Camrike then needed to blame this murder on someone, but who? Jeff came pushed through the crowd wailing with tears. He had to play the part.

"Scott no! How did this happen!"

Camrike intercepted him and immediately began interviewing him. How did he know him, what was Scott doing here.

Jeff explained how he and Scott had been friends since college. How Scott decided to go alone to the bar since Jeff declined to go. He even talked about Tiffany and how her death impacted their friendship.

Detective Camrike knew he had someone he could pin it on right away. He told Jeff he'd be in contact and sent him on his way.

While Detective Camrike was corrupt he most certainly wasn't incompetent and was damn good at his job. He proceeded to get enough planned evidence against Jeff to get a warrant to search the house and plant a gun. After succeeding to do that, he knew that his family would be safe another night from Don Capone.

Jeff eventually was convicted with planted evidence and ended up getting sentenced to 10-20 years in prison. A far lesser sentence than what would had been handed out had the jury known all the facts. His next plan had already started to hatch. He would murder Detective Camrike once he was released.

As for Detective Camrike, his days were lived out peacefully. He eventually retired and was finally free from the corruption of the city he once loved. He moved his family far away from there to hopefully leave every trace from that horrible place behind. He died at the young age of 50. Murdered by an unknown assailant with a 9mm hollow point.

The killer was never found.

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