[WP] Mars has a vibrant intelligent alien society living underground. They are terrified of the 'alien species' on the planets crust(Mars Rover Curiosity and Opportunity etc) Whilst the locals speak of folklore of the creatures, the league of chosen ones plan an attack.

Laramie sits at it's desk and eats dinner in the office, again. It hardly has time to go home, it hardly has time to do anything these days. The people are scared. It doesn't even enjoy dinner and this dish is Laramie's favorite. Steamed worms never tasted so bland.

A subordinate walks into Laramie's office. "The creature has found us."

Laramie thinks of it's children, all 42 of them, sleeping at home. Dreaming of interplanetary peace. Then it gets up and walks into a crowded conference room, with other important Martian officials like Head of Defense and etc. The screen in the middle of the room lights up, and shows the infamous beast taking calculated strides, then stopping almost 10 feet from one of their hidden openings to The Surface. It brings out a small tool, and The Surface crumbles at it's touch. It is drilling. It is looking for them.

"We need our best team of people out there before the next sun rise," an official announces. It looks at Laramie. "Sorry to do this to you again so soon, they just keep showing up. Be ready by morning. Tell your family you love them."

The meeting ends and Laramie spends the entire night remembering the death of it's comrades at these monsters. No compassion, it doesn't even seem to know they're there when it crushes them with it's metallic fingers. Laramie doesn't sleep the entire night, how can it?

The next day, Laramie and it's team reach The Surface through an opening 10 feet away from the alien creature. 10 feet will take them an hour to cross, if they move fast. Laramie is trained for this. It knows what to do. Years of planning, thousands of Martians killed, they learned through trial and error. Climb the beast's body, find it's heart, pour acid onto it. They killed at least one beast this way, but only after many men were lost. It tramples them, or, once they're inside, one of it's internal organs will randomly, it seems, flip a switch and crush them. There is no way of knowing how you will die.

After an hour, they reach the monster. It makes a screeching noise. It is still drilling, making more progress every minute. Laramie motions it's soldiers to begin climbing. It does not flinch as it hears it's subordinates being trampled. Screaming in pain, they are taken by the beast. Laramie wonders why it hasn't died yet. 5 trips to The Surface, and yet it still gets to go back to it's family. Laramie feels guilty, but there is a job to do.

Laramie and about 30 other Martians make it inside. This creature is made of metal and it relaxes and contracts its internal organs mechanically. Laramie has memorized a crude map of the creatures insides. The heart is 9 inches away from here, they need to pour acid onto a small, silver disk-like circle and the entire thing will die. The drills will stop, the people will be safe. Laramie looks at it's soldiers, infinitesimal inside of this alien beast. It wishes them luck, and they trod on.

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