[WP] a military operation to free hostages at an ISIS stronghold begins when they spike the water supply with hallucinogenic drugs. A struggling Hollywood actor is enlisted to portray God in a bid to convince the terrorists to free the hostages and surrender.

‘Have you SEEN what Birdman did for Keaton's career?? GOLD! But on top of that, you are the only one qualified to do this. This has practically been your job ever since you got out... But you and I both know Hollywood forced you out, you’ve never lost that spark. You’re prime for your comeback, especially with that cameo in Ted. Most importantly, think about the lives you would be saving, the service you’d be doing for your country…’ She gives me a shy smile, lightly fluttering her eye lids as if she were screaming I grew up on *your** movie, had a crush on those golden locks, you were MY hero.*

Before I can respond, the moment, and the smile, disappear as she flies from her seat, pushing her chair into the table. ‘Sure, we already have a yes from Nic’s agent, but then again, he’s not the man for this part. He doesn’t know Arabic, he’s not combat certified and he doesn’t have quite the look,’ leaning in, her second button straining as she stares me down, expecting me to look. She casually slides a manilla folder across the table, CLASSIFIED plastered across it in red. If the folder wouldn't pique my curiosity, they were clearly hoping she would. Female, early thirties, classic beauty; Marilyn eat your heart out.

'Well.... I have always wanted to get back into acting.' I pause, a look of uncertainty flashing across my face, the flair for melodrama and a hint of adrenaline still coursing through my veins. ‘I’d like to see a contract with all of the mentioned stipulations, as well as a 25% increase on the amount of promised cash.’

She looks over to the glass, expectant for an answer. All I have to do is stay stone faced, calm and collected and I might make out like a bandit. **GOD**, this could be the big break. Tarantino willing to give me a read through on The Hateful Eight. And the security connections they could get me, I would be set for life! I wouldn’t need to scrounge for clients for Inner Cordon Inc^tm any longer. The extra money, well, I don’t necessarily need but who doesn’t want more?

‘Also, I would like to be mic’d and video recorded, so I can prove to these assholes I still have my acting chops and I can do my own stunts.’

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