[WP] As you look in the mirror, your reflection stares back then smiles. You have just discovered a parallel universe and you are trying to tell yourself something.

I stared at my twin. Her long brown hair was a mess, same as mine. Seemingly impossible to tame in the mornings, but somehow, we both managed to get it into a manageable bun. I knew exactly what she was thinking.

It's too damn early Our eyes were barely open as we leaned down, practically as one, and splashed lukewarm water on our faces with the hope that it would help us wake up. Usually, it did not.

But this time, when she looked back into the mirror at me, I could see that her eyes, while still tired, were fully awake and alert. She was probably thinking about how she didn't want to go to work. Now's the time, I thought.

I smiled at her tentatively. She freaked out, like I knew she would. She was me, after all, and I her. You could see the whites of her eyes as they darted back and forth around the edges of the mirror and then back to me. This time, I did not mirror her confusion and disbelief.

Obviously, she had no idea. She had no idea that I was the same, yet different. That our worlds were separate, yet connected. I tried to think of something that would calm myself. Who am I kidding. I freaked out pretty bad myself when I first learned that there was another me, living another life. Our lives, though we had chosen different paths, still had the same people, somehow, the same big events, though they didn't always happen at the same time.

I stood calmly in front of my sink, waiting. Other me was still running around, looking fearfully at the mirror. Ah, this must be the universe where I actually watched horror movies with friends. I tried that once, as a child. It gave me nightmares that lasted for weeks. What can I say, I have a bit of an overactive imagination.

So I did the only thing I could think of that would somehow send a non-creepy message. I put my face as close as I could to the mirror and flared my nostrils several times. Hopefully, this was something she did with her sister too. Sometimes when both of us were bored on video chat, the conversation would devolve into a nostril flare-off until one of us cracked.

Other me gave me a very weird look. Her face contorted a little, though out of confusion, wariness, or what, I didn't know. Slowly, she started to walk towards the mirror.

Her nostril flared back in response. That was too much, and I started cracking up, doubling over in laughter. Out of the corner of my eye, I could tell she was doing the same. We tried to stand back up, but one of us would flare our nostrils and we'd end up laughing again. It was almost better than having a sister.

Finally, she reached up to the mirror and made half a heart with one hand. My hand answered with the other half. Excellent. Positive contact: established.

I motioned for her to wait, and went to grab the piece of paper I had hidden atop the toilet, out of sight of the mirror. Last night I had done my best to write so that other-me would be able to read it. I ran back to the mirror and pushed the piece of paper up against the surface of the glass.

You - me - we, are amazing and beautiful. Please don't forget this. I'm in this with you.

Tears were welling up in her eyes, which in turn, made them well up in mine. She leaned forward and let out a huge breath, fogging up the glass. A finger deftly drew something in the opaque portion.

I smiled. She rubbed her eyes and gave me a determined smile. Thank you, she mouthed before turning and walking out.

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