[WP] “So… normally us demons get assigned to torment and ruin human’s lives. But, well, your life is already shit, so I’m here to help you get back in your feet. You can call me your Guardian Demon.”

 I stop and turn around to see who said that. It's my ex Dana. I roll my eyes and smirk. She wasn't the dramatic type. "Well how about you pay me back that hundred ? " and take a sip out of my coffee. 
 " I was expecting more " she says and after looking through her purse gives me the money. 
 "Yeah an apology would be nice " I say pocketing the money. Whats up with her ? We haven't talked in 5 years. We meet regularly but we just ignore each other 
" I apologize, on behalf of this one and all women that hurt you" 
 "Still a fake bitch " I say and turn and walk away. I waited so long for something, an apology, anything. I turn away mostly because my eyes got wet a bit. I will not give her the satisfaction. 
I throw my coffee cup and lit up a cig. What s wrong with her, is it a joke to her. I moved on anyway.    My house is close by unfortunately, that's why I bump into her all the time. I go to the door and open it. I turn around towards the street and I see her. She followed me home.
 I get this shiver down my spine. The way she sits with the streetlight behind her back, her shadow stretching towards me sorta flickering. 
 Before I say anything she opens her mouth. It's a screeching sound like a metal piano played with scissors instead of fingers, like her hole body is hollow and she's connected to a hell below us. It says the same thing, she's my Guardian Demon and she will help me get back on my feet. 
 This time I don't think it's a joke. 
 "Well come back in a year, we'll talk more then" I say faking a brave smile. She disappears straight into the ground like a curtain drop. 
 I turn, get inside lock it and watch through the peephole. I'm scared. I look around the house I grab a hammer and sit in the dark on the sofa listening. 
It's all so quiet, this gonna be a slow night. Hell,a slow year. I fall asleep drinking.  I'll feel better in the morning. Fucking Dana
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