[WP] You open your presents for Christmas, only to discover a box with a tiny elf holding a note. "Due to elf overpopulation in the North Pole, we have decided to hand out some of our least productive elves. Enjoy your new companion."

'At what lengths would I go to see it through?' I thought to myself as I scribed the demons insignia into the earth. The howling wind ran rampant through the abandoned factory and grew in ferocity the closer I came to completing the ritual.

The last mark etched, I tossed the stick to the side and pulled a decorative dagger from the sheath on my hip. It was one that belonged to my beloved. She practiced demonology, a trait I hadn't known until it was too late, and did so with the risk of losing her soul... and so she did.

A quick slit of the palm by the blade spewed some blood forth, tinging the earth in kind. Without delay, the seal lit in the red hue and illuminated the factory. The earth slowly changed from blood soaked dirt to a pool of thick crimson. Emerged from the depths was what appeared to be an ordinary looking man dressed in a well tailored black suit.

His gaze would drain the life from me had I been an ordinary man. But, ordinary I am not. Once he was set above the pool of blood, the demon stretched a bit and loosed a loud guttural sigh.

"Oh dear me..." He said as he began to idly move about. "...you did not learn the lesson of your love and dare to call me forth once more to the very spot she and I concluded our contract." He said with a smirk.

I merely gave a nod in return and reached for an envelope in my pocket. "I've come to bargain new terms, sir." I said with a stern tone.

The demon was curious and nodded in kind. "Yes, well I had hoped you called me for some reason. What is it now? You trying to bring back the kiddos like she did?" He chuckled, the laughter nearly drew a provocation of me but I was able to hold firm.

I tossed the envelope to his feet and allowed him a moment to pick it up and look it over.

His smirk faded and one of contempt now took its place. "What is the meaning of this?!" He growled, the voice resonating through the empty halls of the building.

The photos were of an angel, one who the demon was quite familiar with. She was chained and shackled, blind folded and gagged in near darkness.

His eyes met with mine, responding with the same gaze that would steal the life of an ordinary man... but again, we were not ordinary.

"I spent the last few years tracking every single aspect of who and what you were. From days immemorial til now." I said as I began to pace around him. "Matthias, was your name, and hers Mara. In Heaven, you were both bound to the will of 'Her' and could not partake in carnal desires. I presume that was one reason you sided with 'Him' in that affair and tried to overthrow the status quo."

The demon tossed the envelope to the ground and growled fiercely. "Let me guess, you wish to trade her for your woman?" He said, the anger within him beginning to manifest in physical form. His skin began to crack and his eyes changed from that of a humans to a blackened hue devoid of life.

I replied with a laugh and shook my head. "No..." My tone becoming serious. "No." I took a step toward the demon, my eyes locking with his, standing almost within arms reach of him. "I want to bargain her... for your soul."

While he may be a demon, all things possess a soul, whether how twisted and warped it may be. The demon winced and had the expression as if Michael himself just descended before him. "I learned a lot over the past few years since my beloved was taken from me. I did extensive research and found out that you and Mara were quite smitten with one another prior to the great War in Heaven."

Matthias looked to be suffering greatly as all that was said proved truthful by his expression. His participation in the rebellion was to have Mara for himself and to be allowed to indulge in such desires... a direct sin against Mother God.

"How... how do you know so much about us? There's no way even mortal scripture would hold so much knowledge!" Matthias stammered, his smug and cool facade all but gone now.

"Surrender your soul to me and I will allow Mara to go free. Otherwise I am sure there are plenty of demons in Hell yearning for the taste of angelic flesh." I said with anger and conviction. I had no choice at this point, there is no turning back.

Matthias sat in silence, contemplating the ultimatum. He then gave a nod and began to unbutton his coat and shirt, exposing his pale skin underneath. As he did so, I pulled the dagger back from it's sheath and clenched it firmly in hand.

Matthias took a deep breath and sighed. "Sarai was your beloveds name... would you at least let me know your name, mortal?" He asked as he took a knee before me.

I began to rear the blade back, aiming toward the middle of his chest. "I am Isaac... and I will be your master henceforth, Matthias." Matthias nodded once more and smiled. "Matthias was my name when I was an angel..." He said, "...you may call me... Murmur."

Without hesitation I plunged the tip of the blade into his chest, right where a heart would be if he had one. Murmur's mortal form began to crack and fracture, a darkened light began emanating from within.

"I, Isaac Grimm, do hereby swear my contract with your and assure you I will do no harm to Mara so long as I live... and you Murmur, will now become one with me and do my bidding. Do we have an accord?" I asked as I extended my hand toward his.

Matthias didn't hesitate as he grasped my hand firmly and nodded once more.

His physical form vanished with a sudden boom, shattering the glass in the building and creating a dark swirling vortex where he once stood.

The dagger began to burn in hand but I held it firmly, the agony of the soul coursing through me as it became sealed within the dagger. A grey beard appeared at the end attached by a decorative string accompanied by three other beads.

I feel to a knee, breathing heavily as I looked at the dagger now strewn with four beads of varying colors hanging on the end of the pommel.

"Four down... three to go." I said, still attempting to catch my breath as I looked over my shoulder.

A shadowy figure appeared and applauded meekly. "Wonderful..." His voice whispered, yet was audible in every corner of the factory.

I rose to my feet, turning to face the incorporeal visage. "Three more... you had better keep your word..."

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